• Pancakes day!

    No matter what else happens today — good, bad, busy, whatever — at least it‘s pancakes day. The very best day there could be.

  • Some days you just need a little comfort food — so today’s lunch, on this beautifully sunny fall day in Seattle, is open-faced meat loaf or veggie loaf sandwiches.

  • The latest episode of Mac Power Users is a developer roundtable with Omni CEO Ken Case, Greg Scown of Smile, and Dave Teare of Agile Bits.

    We bet you listen to Mac Power Users already. :) But, in case not, have a listen!

  • How do we start off the week on this beautiful sunny day in mid-October? Properly! With grilled cheese and tomato soup!

  • Reporting back on lunch… here’s a typical Farmer’s Lunch plate.

    Plate with bread, crackers, paté, various meats and cheeses, and a hard-boiled egg

  • You’ve met Calvin, and you’ve met Hobbes — but now we’ve got the two of them together!

    They live with Michelle Knee, Software Test Pilot, who writes this story:

    When Calvin and Hobbes went in for their snip-snip surgery, the vet had them separated after surgery. As they woke up, they started calling to each other… constantly. The vet contacted me to let me know they had to put them in the same cage while they recovered because the vet couldn’t take hearing them worry over each other. As soon as they were put in the same cage, they curled up together and took a nap. A scary place is easier to deal with when your brother is next to you.

    What Very Good Kitties — and friends — they are!

    Calvin and Hobbes looking at a squirrel on the other side of a window

    Calvin and Hobbes curled up together on a bean bag chair

    Calvin and Hobbes stretched out on the floor

  • Farmer’s Lunch today! Which means we get to pick from a bunch of different things. Meats and cheeses and so on.

    Makes for a slower lunch line. But worth the wait! It’s fun food.

  • OmniFocus 3.1 for Mac adds a light sidebar option, localizations, automatic Mojave Dark Mode switching, and other new features and bug fixes.

    Read the blog post and check out the change notes.

    Here’s what the new light sidebar looks like:

    OmniFocus Light Sidebar

  • Lamb or veggie sliders for lunch today!

  • In case you missed it… We interview Michelle Knee, @mec2973, Software Test Pilot, in the latest episode of The Omni Show. We talk about testing websites. And cats. (Not testing cats, though.)

    Since the recording, Michelle got her certificate in iOS development!

    Michelle at a recording of The Omni Show

  • Update: there totally was bacon at lunch today.

  • It’s breakfast-for-lunch day! Every OmniHuman’s favorite day. This time it’s eggs and English muffins.

    We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s bacon too.

  • Here’s a bonus picture of the beautiful Very Good Kitty Cleopatra the Bengal who likes to climb under the covers!

    Cleopatra partially under the covers

  • It’s Tuesday! So it must be tacos for lunch!

    Except that it’s fajitas. Well, what it lacks in alliteration it makes up for in flavor. :)

  • Lunch today — chicken strips!

    I know, you were thinking it would have to be fish fingers and custard. But we’re going with chicken.

  • Cleopatra the Bengal lives with Mara the Safety Dog and with Molly Reed, COO of The Omni Group.

    Molly writes:

    She’s basically the worst cat and a marginal dog. She loves long walks, swimming in the sink, talks by the fire, and boating.

    Molly continues:

    She is very pretty. And I do love her. But she is also the worst. She’s too damn smart.

    She and the dog somehow figured out how to open the pantry door. My guess is that the giant dumb dog was banging her noggin into the door to get some positive pressure and then the tiny genius cat was using her paws to open the door all the way. Came home multiple times to compost all across the living room before I figured out what they were doing.

    She knows how to open unlatched windows.

    She can open doors with pull down latches that aren’t locked.

    She will sit in the sink and YEOWL until you turn on the water.

    She pulls pens out of the pen jar and drops them on the floor for Mara to chew open and stain the carpet (and Mara’s paws).

    She taught my parents’ cat how to open screens on their windows.

    The. Worst.

    But, in the good news column, she can fetch!

    Wow! Well, the official judgment of this chronicler is that she’s a Very Good Kitty. :)

    Cleopatra peeking out from under the covers

    Cleopatra in the sink

    Cleopatra lounging on top of a blanket

    Cleopatra looking into a fireplace

    Cleopatra asleep under the covers

    Cleopatra stretched out, looking very long

    Cleopatra and Mara on a boat

    Cleopatra and Mara relaxing together

  • Lunch today is baked pasta. Pasta == LIFE.

    Update a few minutes later: No! Wait! Scratch that! It’s pork/bacon and veggie sliders. Pretty fine choice for a Friday. :)

  • Meet Cougar! He lives with Evan McNulty, Software Test Pilot, who writes:

    He is a good cat. He is quite serious. He was part of a litter named after big cats, like Mac OS X used to be!

    Well, he’s seriously a Very Good Kitty, we say. :)

    Profile of Cougar, a black cat, looking to the right

    The face of Cougar, a black cat with green eyes and large pupils

  • Lunch today is ham/veggie sandwiches. (We always have vegetarian options.)

    We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it many more times: the sandwiches here are good.

    Plus there were donuts this morning!

  • This just in! Plate lunch is a thing. Read all about it on Wikipedia.

  • Follow-up on lunch… “Plate lunch” was rice, beef curry, chicken, and some other things, and was super-good.

    One person, who shan’t be named, used a bowl instead of a plate.

  • The danger of asking the company for MOAR CAT PIX is that Jim Correia sends you this:

  • Today’s lunch is — quoting from the menu — “Plate Lunch.”

    We’ll report back later on what that actually means, but we admit to being intrigued by the simple mystery of it.

  • OmniFocus 3.0.1 for Mac fixes a number of bugs. We’re just going to take a great app and keep making it better. :)

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