• Ramen for lunch today! It’s freakishly good. It’s not Top Ramen — it’s top-notch ramen.

  • It’s Wednesday, which (often) means breakfast for lunch! Today is, and we quote directly from the menu, “Bagels, Lox, Eggs.”

    There’s always a nice selection of bagels, and you can have them toasted. Makes for a good Wednesday, though the line might be a slower than usual (given the toasting).

  • New support article posted on Using Siri Shortcuts with OmniFocus

  • Lunch today is nachos!

    Can’t complain. Who can complain about nachos? Nobody, that’s who. Nachos are good.

  • OmniFocus 3 for Mac is now available as a public test build. Your help is appreciated!

  • We’ve just made OmniOutliner 3.3 for iOS, with iOS 12 Siri Shortcut support, available for testing in TestFlight! You can sign up if you’re interested in helping us test this update before it ships.

  • Lunch today is angel hair pasta and red sauce. We’ve got lots of work to do, and we need our brain food!

    (Pasta is brain food, okay? This may not be scientific, but we’re going with it.)

  • OmniGraffle and OmniFocus have been updated for iOS 12, including support for Siri Shortcuts. So exciting! We love Siri Shortcuts.

    (OmniPlan and OmniOutliner updates are coming soon.)

  • It’s Hobbes the cat! He’s buddies with Calvin, of course, and he lives with Michelle Knee, Software Test Pilot.

    While Calvin’s nickname is “bumper car,” Michelle writes:

    We won’t discuss Hobbes’ nickname considering he got it from waking us up at 4:30 am to ensure we get up on time… he is more than an hour early. :D He is our clock.

    The two cats have their own Twitter account: @calvinhobbescat.

    Hobbes is, like Calvin, a Ragdoll. Floppy and fluffy! And such a Very Good Kitty who can tell time!

    Four photos in a montage. Two of Hobbes as a white-coated kitten, and two of a mature Hobbes with some gray stripes

    Hobbes on his back, showing his belly, playing with a toy

    A fluffy Hobbes stares at the camera with his jewel-like blue eyes

  • It’s Friday, which means muffins! Blueberry today.

    Lunch is Cobb Salad. It’s a hearty salad. Don’t despair because it’s just a salad — it’s not just a salad. :)

  • Here’s a picture taken during recording of The Omni Show’s episode on new features in OmniFocus 3 for Mac.

    On the left is Ken Case, CEO of The Omni Group. The blurrier person — because of bokeh, we all now know — is Dave Messent, OmniFocus Prime Minister.

    The omni show 022 1

  • Greek lunch today! A day with tahini is like a day with sunshine and flowers and kittens, except that it’s food.

  • So many great announcements from Apple today! We’re stoked to run our apps on such amazing devices.

    And, to top the day off just right, it’s breakfast-for-lunch day. Biscuits and gravy!

    Today just might be the perfect Wednesday. :)

  • Club sandwiches today for lunch! Not glamorous, but not unglamorous. After all, we can pretend we’re back at the club, having just completed the back nine. (That’s a golf reference, we think, but we’re not positive, because we’re computer people.)

  • It will be pot stickers and egg rolls for lunch today. Yummmmmmmmm.

  • In How We Do The Omni Show from last April we talked about our process for doing the podcast.

    For each show, we do a pre-interview (usually at noon) and then a recording (usually later the same day at 3 pm).

    During the pre-interview, Brent takes a bunch of notes, and then, before the recording, he organizes them into the notes he’ll use when recording.

    While recording, his computer is open with these notes showing. (And there’s an iPad, propped up, with the stopwatch going so Brent can see where we are with time.)

    Here’s an example of the organized notes used during recording. It’s from the recent interview with Grayson West.

    The Omni Show - Grayson West
    You’re listening to The Omni Show.
    Get to know the people and stories behind The Omni Group’s award-winning productivity apps for Mac and iOS.
    I’m your host, Brent Simmons. In the studio with me today is Grayson West, Design Manager at The Omni Group. He is also my boss. This podcast exists because Grayson thought it would be a good idea.
    Say hello, Grayson.
    Are you a superhero?
    What do you do at Omni?
    Manage design team
    Three depts — UX, marketing, website - three areas of responsibility
    Making sure people get what they need
    Bug tracker
    Development of apps
    	PR, Twitter, advertising
    Creative direction
    Everyone at the company cares about design - no shortage of feedback
    ADAs - history of great design
    What did you do before Omni?
    Late education
    Fire fighter
    Coffee shop
    Warehouse work
    School - publishing, photographer
    Illustrator around v 6
    Art school - Savannah College of Art and Design
    Plan to be documentary photographer
    Silk Road
    Digital stuff overtook - motion graphics
    Flagstaff, AZ
    Publishing, newspapers, Gannett
    Wanted to return to PacNW — grew up in Oregon
    2003 - moved to Seattle
    How did you get to Omni?
    Saw listing, applied
    Intimidating interview
    Andrew Abernathy
    Got the job as graphic designer
    Icon design for software
    Slow progression — taking care of marketing, transition to UX
    iPhone came out
    Four years ago - became design manager (website, marketing manager)
    Bicycle racer
    Southern California every summer
    Tour de France on TV
    Italian racing bike for Christmas
    Racing locally in PacNW
    Moved back to SoCal
    USCF at the time
    Offer to be on team
    Team folded
    Showed up in Belgium
    Slept in a park
    Started racing
    Offers for amateur teams
    Returned; raced a lot
    Bad crash, leg
    Doping - 92, 93
    Back to school
    Six years ago - CrossFit
    Coaching, power lifting
    Kettle bells
    Lessons for birthday
    Fishing village perfect for kiteboarding
    Perfect wind, warm water
    4-6 weeks year in Baja
    Two cats, Hershey and Sally
    Used to have a dog
    Thanks, Grayson.
    I’d also like to thank our intrepid producer, Mark Boszko. Say “hello, Mark.”
    And especially I want to thank you for listening. Thank you!
  • Reminder — we’ve got all these awesome T-shirts and stickers and mugs and so on for sale.

    (All our proceeds will be going to App Camp for Girls.)

  • Linus lives with Ainsley Bourque, OmniPlan Prime Minister.

    Check out his well-defined forehead M. Racing stripes. White boots. Beautiful light-blue eyes.

    We would pet Linus all day! Such a Very Good Kitty!

    Linus and his light blue eyes — VERY GOOD KITTY

    Linus sitting on the back of the toilet — VERY GOOD KITTY

    Linus smiling while being petted on the cheek — VERY GOOD KITTY

    Linus lying down and looking at the camera — VERY GOOD KITTY

  • Lunch today is “Fancy Grilled Cheese.” Or, as we now like to say — okay, not really, but whatever — it’s TGIFGC!

    (We do feel bad for the few lactose-intolerants on days like this. They’ll just get “Fancy Grilled” instead, we suppose.)

  • Here’s a picture of probably-a-superhero Grayson West from the latest The Omni Show:

    Grayson West, almost certainly a superhero

  • Lunch today is sandwiches — choice of brisket or veggie.

    There are people for whom the word “brisket” is magical. Including the social media marketing person actually writing this post. :)

  • Ken Case tooted:

    Thanks to everyone who signed up to help test OmniFocus 3 for Mac! We’ll be shutting down the signup list soon—but everyone who signed up (and confirmed their email address) will get a chance to test the app this weekend. We look forward to your feedback!

    Here’s the signup form.

  • It’s Wednesday! Which (often) means breakfast-for-lunch day! And today it’s Huevos Rancheros!

    The excitement here is palpable. You could cut it with a spork. Not sure how we’re all going to make it till lunch time.

  • Turkey sandwiches for lunch today. Not to be underestimated — the kitchen folks make a solid sandwich.

    Tomorrow’s gonna be special: Huevos Rancheros!

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