• Here’s Frankie!

    She lives with Chris Pruitt, who writes:

    She loves herding my cats and enjoys trips to the dog park to meet all of the people there. She also loves her Lambchop toy and dressing up like a bee. And sometimes she can be photogenic.

    Well, we’re quite sure she’s always photogenic!

    And (purely FYI) a representative cross-section of dog-lovers have, after no debate whatsoever — because it wasn’t needed — reached consensus that Frankie is, indeed, the best dog.

    Frankie as a puppy sleeping — BEST DOG

    Frankie and her toy Lambchop — BEST DOG

    Frankie dressed as a bee — BEST DOG

    Frankie with her tongue hanging out — BEST DOG

    Little Frankie as a puppy sleeping some more — BEST DOG

    Frankie wearing a bandanna — BEST DOG

  • You’ve already met Rua, Jenna’s dog, the dog who can drive in the rain! And who is the best dog.

    Anyway, here’s a picture that didn’t get posted the first time, but that is adorable.

    Rua — BEST DOG

  • Meet Rosie!

    She lives with OmniFocus engineer Jim Correia, who writes:

    Rosie bounced around between a few homes and a shelter before finally finding her forever home in 2014. She was formerly known as Fudge and as Girly, and she spent a few awkward months without any name at all.

    Rosie splits her time between being a city/office dog and living in the country. She loves coming to Omni, going for walks, playing tug, snuggling on the couch, and protecting her family from attack squirrels. Wet Noses are her favorite treats, but she thinks the treats from the 3 O’coffee walk to Herkimer are pretty OK, too.

    In the first picture she’s sitting on the bench outside her favorite local coffee joint, patiently waiting for that treat, while on the lookout for those mean squirrels — exactly as a best dog would do. Which she is.

    Coffee Shop Rosie — BEST DOG

    Rosie with teeth — BEST DOG

    Office Rosie — BEST DOG

    Christmas Rosie — BEST DOG

    Autumn Rosie — BEST DOG

  • Marc Kastner reviews OmniFocus 3 for iOS beta in My thoughts on OmniFocus 2 versus 3:

    OmniFocus 3 is a great successor to an already great app. The newly updated design makes it more visually pleasing.

    Especially on the iPad, the new updates feels a gigantic leap. It comes much closer to the Mac, when relying on it in daily life; for example if you don’t have access to a Mac at work.

  • Meet Rita!

    She lives with Willow, who says:

    Rita (aka My Little Outlaw) retired from a lackluster career as a racer, and became the speediest needle on the Support team.

    She “helps” with gardening, does a fine blep, and is sad when she can’t play with Mabel. She is a champion napper and will nap halfway off her bed, on a bed made for a smoll dog, or, most convenient of all, on my feet.

    Rita is not just built for speed — she’s long been recognized, by unanimous proclamation, as the best dog.

    Blep - BEST DOG

    Heartbreak Hall - BEST DOG

    Snoot - BEST DOG

    Convenient Nap - BEST DOG

    Garden Bed - BEST DOG

  • Meet Oliver!

    Oliver (middle) is helping Andrea (left, Oliver’s person) and Jake (right) through a thorny design problem in OmniGraffle.

    That’s right — Oliver writes code! Not at all surprising, given that he’s the best dog.

    Oliver — BEST DOG

  • OmniFocus 3.0 for iOS is scheduled to come out May 30!

    It’s always possible the date could be different, just because it does have to go through the App Store review process. But May 30 is the plan — and we’re super-excited!

  • Meet Rua!

    Rua lives with Jenna Volcko, who writes:

    Rua loves to run, swim, play in the snow and most of all…snuggle.
    She is picky with treats, but not with getting pets - she loves making new friends everywhere she goes.
    Rua’s name means “red haired” in Irish Gaelic - which is fitting for the red haired golden retriever.

    I’d add that not only can she drive — in the rain! which most dogs can’t do! — but that she is indeed the very best dog.

    Rua driving in the rain — BEST DOG

    Rua in the mist— BEST DOG

    Rua and her paw — BEST DOG

    Rua and tennis ball - BEST DOG

    Rua carrying a toy - BEST DOG

  • Ken Case writes:

    Getting close to sending out another round of TestFlight invitations for OmniFocus 3 (iOS). We’re planning to double our test pool again — which means inviting everyone who signed up by noon PST on February 13.

  • Here’s Mara the Safety Dog!

    Sure, most of us sit in front of computers all day and don’t play with fire. Mostly.

    But still, safety is important — and Mara, who lives with Molly Reed — is the best safety dog there is.

    Scratch that. She’s. The. Best. Dog. Period.

    Mara the Safety Dog — BEST DOG

  • Here’s Scout! He’s pretty new — a golden retriever puppy who lives with Reid Callan, an OmniGraffle engineer.

    Scout — already, at his young age, claiming the title of Best Dog — is so smart he can do things on the internet: he has his own Instagram account!

    Who’s a good boy? Scout is. Scout’s a good boy.

    Scout lying down - BEST DOG

    Scout with toy - BEST DOG

    Scout all wet - BEST DOG

    Scout with bone - BEST DOG

  • The RSS feed for the new Inside OmniFocus blog is now up: inside.omnifocus.com/blog/feed

  • Friday bonus dog picture! It’s the two best-ever dogs — Mona and Mabel together!

    Mona and Mabel — BEST DOGS

  • Meet Mabel! She lives with Dave Messent (OmniFocus Prime Minister).

    Mabel can read! And do things on computers! The pictures make it clear that she’s the best dog.

    Mabel relaxing — BEST DOG

    Mabel sitting up — BEST DOG

    Mabel reading on a computer — BEST DOG

    Mabel obeying a sign — BEST DOG

  • Here’s Mona! First as a puppy, and then here she is a little older and pretending to sleep. And then just look at how well-defended that potted plant is!

    Water-cooler gossip has it that Mona is the best dog. We think it’s obvious.

    She lives with Steve Schenk and has her own Instagram account.

    Mona as a puppy

    Mona pretending to sleep

    Mona staunchly defending plant

  • Today we published a special episode of The Omni Show all about OmniFocus 3 and tags.

    Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo from the recording. Left to right: Dave Messent, Brent Simmons, Timothy Ekl.

    Recording The Omni Show

  • OmniDog: Appa

    This is Appa, named for Avatar Aang’s six-legged sky bison. She lives with Tim Wood, who says, “She isn’t creamy with arrows, but has the fluff, jump height, sleepy groans, and drool.”

    People far and wide consider her the best dog, because she so clearly is.

    Appa closeup

    Appa in the water

    Appa with sunshine

  • OmniFocus 3 for iOS will include customizable inspectors. Enjoy the video!

  • The Omni Show’s intrepid producer Mark Boszko took over a conference room to create OmniStudios, where we just recorded a special episode to talk about OmniFocus 3 and tags.

  • Got OmniFocus 3 and tags questions? We’re recording a special episode of The Omni Show on that topic today — so please reply if you have questions you’d like answered. Thanks!

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