• Friday bonus dog picture! It’s the two best-ever dogs — Mona and Mabel together!

    Mona and Mabel — BEST DOGS

  • Meet Mabel! She lives with Dave Messent (OmniFocus Prime Minister).

    Mabel can read! And do things on computers! The pictures make it clear that she’s the best dog.

    Mabel relaxing — BEST DOG

    Mabel sitting up — BEST DOG

    Mabel reading on a computer — BEST DOG

    Mabel obeying a sign — BEST DOG

  • Here’s Mona! First as a puppy, and then here she is a little older and pretending to sleep. And then just look at how well-defended that potted plant is!

    Water-cooler gossip has it that Mona is the best dog. We think it’s obvious.

    She lives with Steve Schenk and has her own Instagram account.

    Mona as a puppy

    Mona pretending to sleep

    Mona staunchly defending plant

  • Today we published a special episode of The Omni Show all about OmniFocus 3 and tags.

    Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo from the recording. Left to right: Dave Messent, Brent Simmons, Timothy Ekl.

    Recording The Omni Show

  • OmniDog: Appa

    This is Appa, named for Avatar Aang’s six-legged sky bison. She lives with Tim Wood, who says, “She isn’t creamy with arrows, but has the fluff, jump height, sleepy groans, and drool.”

    People far and wide consider her the best dog, because she so clearly is.

    Appa closeup

    Appa in the water

    Appa with sunshine

  • OmniFocus 3 for iOS will include customizable inspectors. Enjoy the video!

  • The Omni Show’s intrepid producer Mark Boszko took over a conference room to create OmniStudios, where we just recorded a special episode to talk about OmniFocus 3 and tags.

  • Got OmniFocus 3 and tags questions? We’re recording a special episode of The Omni Show on that topic today — so please reply if you have questions you’d like answered. Thanks!

  • OmniOutliner 5.3 is now available on the App Store!

  • Here’s a more recent picture of Juno, Kristina Sontag’s dog. Still widely regarded as the best dog.

  • Juno

    Here’s young Juno, fresh from puppy training, with her graduation prize. Word on the street is that she’s the best dog.

    She lives with Kristina Sontag, Omni’s test manager. You can find Kristina on Twitter and tell her how beautiful Juno is.

  • We’re now using our own domain with our microblog: microblog.omnigroup.com

    Thanks to @manton for making this not only possible but super-easy!

  • We’re starting to send out TestFlight invitations for OmniFocus 3 for iOS — but not all at once, so we can find and fix obvious things quickly before thousands of people see the same issues.

    Feedback’s been great so far! Days like this remind us why we love doing what we do.

  • Happy OmniFocus 3 TestFlight Month! We’ll be sending out invitations — not all at once today, but throughout the month.

    More details from Ken are on Twitter — where he explains this screenshot.

  • Our friends at Late Night Software just released Script Debugger 7. And I don’t mind reminding you that — even though we’ve been adding JavaScript support — Omni’s Mac apps are very AppleScript-able.

  • We’ve had some questions about upgrade and discounts for OmniFocus 3 for Mac and iOS. Here’s the scoop, from a blog post last October:

    …if you purchase version 2 today (for either iOS or Mac), you’ll receive a free upgrade to version 3 on the same platform when it ships. (And, as usual, anyone who already owns OmniFocus will be eligible for a 50% upgrade discount.)

  • Here’s Ainsley in our top-secret recording studio hidden away in the wilderness of South Lake Union.

  • Check out the latest episode of The Omni Show — featuring Ainsley Bourque Olson, OmniPlan PM!

  • Posted a month ago — reposting in case anyone missed it: Omni Roadmap 2018.

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