Meet Tilly the cat!

Tilly lives with Frankie the dog and two humans, Gia Ciccone and Chris Pruitt, Web Developer at The Omni Group.

Chris writes:

Before you ask, Tilly was originally short for Matilda until his human mom, Gia, got the news that he was in fact a boy. Whoops! Tilly’s mom raves about how he is the most handsome, good boy. She declares his face to be the best. Dad (Chris) thinks he’s pretty cute, too, though he’s not nearly as vocal as mom.

Tilly isn’t exactly a friend of Frankie, merely tolerating her desire for friendship & playtime. He’ll run his fastest when any kind of wrappers or bags are being opened or he hears running water. He also loves the company of people, as he regally struts around the living room & kitchen during most parties.

Look at all that fluff and that cute pink nose! Tilly is such a Very Good Kitty!

Tilly showing her fluffy belly

Tilly dressed up as a bee

Tilly as a little kitten sleeping

Tilly chin-snuggling with human

Tilly under a red polka-dotted blanket with her face showing