Brian Covey has a lot of cats.

Even just one cat is a lot cats, and Brian has four, which is effectively an infinite number of cats.

Here’s the scoop, from Brian:

My brother-in-law’s living situation changed, and my wife called and asked if we could “bring them home, make sure they are healthy, and then re-home them.”

At which point I said to her “Four cats would be ridiculous. We’re not taking your brother’s cats to a shelter.” This is how we became a 20-leg household, and we remain one to this day.

It is about as ridiculous as I expected, but I wouldn’t change anything!

So here’s the first cat in a four-cat series. Brian writes:

This is Cat Number One, also known as Northstar, he’s not Canadian but he’s named after one. He likes to sit in things and occasionally gets MASSIVE SAUCER EYES.

We love those crazy eightballs for eyes! What a Very Good Kitty is Northstar!

Northstar crouched up on a pair of jeans, with wide-open eyes and black, dilated pupils

Northstar sitting in a box, with wide-open green eyes