This is part two of four in the “Brian Covey sure has a lot of cats, wow Brian” series.

Meet Grayson! Cat the Second!

(Not to be confused with Grayson West, Design Manager. This cat is not a manager at The Omni Group, and does not have his own office on the fourth floor right across from Brian’s office. No, certainly not — we would never think of having a cat manage humans. Nope. Stop saying it.)

Brian writes:

This is Cat Number Two, which the shelter we got him from unimaginatively named “Grayson.” We kept the shelter name because we are lazy. It occasionally confuses the Grayson that works here when I talk about my cat, but he handles it pretty well.

No, this picture is not inverted. He lay there and gave me that look. Cats are weird, man.

Grayson likes naps. He also likes to smell the outdoors, but doesn’t go there.

What a Very Good Kitty is Grayson!

(Scheduling note: we’re letting the cats nap straight through the holidays. We’ll wake them back up Jan. 11 for part three of “Brian’s cats lol Brian.”)

Gray cat lying down and looking at the camera.

Gray cat sleeping with his head on a pillow.

Gray cat sleeping with his head in the sunshine.

Gray cat with his nose sniffing at an open window.