Meet Mito! She’s a beautiful black cat who lives with Christian Young, Support Human, who writes:

This is Mito, our maybe 2 year old little queen who we adopted back in September. Not much is known about her before her time at the shelter other than she arrived with 4 little babies of her own! Once her kittens were old enough, they were up for adoption, and although the kittens were adopted immediately, Mito was not. While that is a mystery given how cute she is, it was blessing for us.

Since she’s been home, she’s finally living her best kitten years with zoomies and attacking the magic red dot around the house, or demanding to be cuddled. She WILL steal your chicken and pepperoni slices if you don’t watch out. We are lucky to have such a tiny momma, and give her the spoiled life she deserves!

We can’t resist saying “awwwww” to every one of these pictures! Loves stretching and sunlight and laps. What a Very Good Kitty Mito is!

Mito and her kittens.

Mito sleeping with her paw over her face.

Mito stretching out.

Mito relaxing on her cat tower.

Mito looking dramatically at the camera.

Mito sleeping.

Mito sleeping in the sun.

Mito sitting on a table.