Meet Keiko! Keiko lives with Reid Callan (OmniFocus and OmniGraffle engineer) and with Scout, who was previously featured as the best dog. Twice!

Reid writes that…

Keiko enjoys sitting like a people, sitting in boxes, making caves beneath rugs and towels, and he tolerates cuddling with Scout.

One day — probably soon! — vast and cool intelligences from outer space will land on our planet, and they’ll ask to meet Keiko, since even ETs know that Keiko is a Very Good Kitty.

Keiko looking at the camera.

Keiko in a cat tower.

Keiko partly under a sheet.

Keiko in a box that’s too small for a cat.

Keiko tolerating snuggling with Scout, a Golden Retriever.

Keiko sitting in a position where’s he’s shaped like a football with ears.

Keiko curled up.

Keiko sitting on a table and looking up at the camera.