Here’s Fergus the Cat!

He lives with Jim Rowland, Software Test Pilot at The Omni Group, who’s famous for saying, “You put enough things that go boom together, something is going to leave the ground.” (Jim used to put satellites in orbit.)

You may think you recognize Fergus as a previously-featured kitten, and you’d be right — but his name was Declan then.

What happened? Why the name change? Jim says:

It was simple. He comes when we call him Fergus and he ignored us when we called him Declan. We were wrong and he was letting us know :)

See? Definitely a Very Good Kitty. 🐯

Fergus on the carpet sleeping under a desk.

Fergus asleep in a blanket.

Fergus stretched on a kind of fuzzy bag.

Fergus sleeping on his back under a desk.

Declan sitting on Jim’s legs.