Cleopatra the Bengal lives with Mara the Safety Dog and with Molly Reed, COO of The Omni Group.

Molly writes:

She’s basically the worst cat and a marginal dog. She loves long walks, swimming in the sink, talks by the fire, and boating.

Molly continues:

She is very pretty. And I do love her. But she is also the worst. She’s too damn smart.

She and the dog somehow figured out how to open the pantry door. My guess is that the giant dumb dog was banging her noggin into the door to get some positive pressure and then the tiny genius cat was using her paws to open the door all the way. Came home multiple times to compost all across the living room before I figured out what they were doing.

She knows how to open unlatched windows.

She can open doors with pull down latches that aren’t locked.

She will sit in the sink and YEOWL until you turn on the water.

She pulls pens out of the pen jar and drops them on the floor for Mara to chew open and stain the carpet (and Mara’s paws).

She taught my parents’ cat how to open screens on their windows.

The. Worst.

But, in the good news column, she can fetch!

Wow! Well, the official judgment of this chronicler is that she’s a Very Good Kitty. :)

Cleopatra peeking out from under the covers

Cleopatra in the sink

Cleopatra lounging on top of a blanket

Cleopatra looking into a fireplace

Cleopatra asleep under the covers

Cleopatra stretched out, looking very long

Cleopatra and Mara on a boat

Cleopatra and Mara relaxing together