Here’s Frankie!

She lives with Chris Pruitt, who writes:

She loves herding my cats and enjoys trips to the dog park to meet all of the people there. She also loves her Lambchop toy and dressing up like a bee. And sometimes she can be photogenic.

Well, we’re quite sure she’s always photogenic!

And (purely FYI) a representative cross-section of dog-lovers have, after no debate whatsoever — because it wasn’t needed — reached consensus that Frankie is, indeed, the best dog.

Frankie as a puppy sleeping — BEST DOG

Frankie and her toy Lambchop — BEST DOG

Frankie dressed as a bee — BEST DOG

Frankie with her tongue hanging out — BEST DOG

Little Frankie as a puppy sleeping some more — BEST DOG

Frankie wearing a bandanna — BEST DOG