In How We Do The Omni Show from last April we talked about our process for doing the podcast.

For each show, we do a pre-interview (usually at noon) and then a recording (usually later the same day at 3 pm).

During the pre-interview, Brent takes a bunch of notes, and then, before the recording, he organizes them into the notes he’ll use when recording.

While recording, his computer is open with these notes showing. (And there’s an iPad, propped up, with the stopwatch going so Brent can see where we are with time.)

Here’s an example of the organized notes used during recording. It’s from the recent interview with Grayson West.

The Omni Show - Grayson West


You’re listening to The Omni Show.

Get to know the people and stories behind The Omni Group’s award-winning productivity apps for Mac and iOS.


I’m your host, Brent Simmons. In the studio with me today is Grayson West, Design Manager at The Omni Group. He is also my boss. This podcast exists because Grayson thought it would be a good idea.

Say hello, Grayson.


Are you a superhero?

What do you do at Omni?
Manage design team
Three depts — UX, marketing, website - three areas of responsibility
Making sure people get what they need
Bug tracker
Development of apps
    PR, Twitter, advertising
Creative direction
Everyone at the company cares about design - no shortage of feedback
ADAs - history of great design

What did you do before Omni?
Late education
Fire fighter
Coffee shop
Warehouse work
School - publishing, photographer
Illustrator around v 6
Art school - Savannah College of Art and Design
Plan to be documentary photographer
Silk Road
Digital stuff overtook - motion graphics
Flagstaff, AZ
Publishing, newspapers, Gannett
Wanted to return to PacNW — grew up in Oregon
2003 - moved to Seattle

How did you get to Omni?
Saw listing, applied
Intimidating interview
Andrew Abernathy
Got the job as graphic designer
Icon design for software
Slow progression — taking care of marketing, transition to UX
iPhone came out
Four years ago - became design manager (website, marketing manager)

Bicycle racer
Southern California every summer
Tour de France on TV
Italian racing bike for Christmas
Racing locally in PacNW
Moved back to SoCal
USCF at the time
Offer to be on team
Team folded
Showed up in Belgium
Slept in a park
Started racing
Offers for amateur teams
Returned; raced a lot
Bad crash, leg
Doping - 92, 93
Back to school

Six years ago - CrossFit
Coaching, power lifting
Kettle bells

Lessons for birthday
Fishing village perfect for kiteboarding
Perfect wind, warm water
4-6 weeks year in Baja

Two cats, Hershey and Sally
Used to have a dog


Thanks, Grayson.

I’d also like to thank our intrepid producer, Mark Boszko. Say “hello, Mark.”

And especially I want to thank you for listening. Thank you!