It’s Hobbes the cat! He’s buddies with Calvin, of course, and he lives with Michelle Knee, Software Test Pilot.

While Calvin’s nickname is “bumper car,” Michelle writes:

We won’t discuss Hobbes’ nickname considering he got it from waking us up at 4:30 am to ensure we get up on time… he is more than an hour early. :D He is our clock.

The two cats have their own Twitter account: @calvinhobbescat.

Hobbes is, like Calvin, a Ragdoll. Floppy and fluffy! And such a Very Good Kitty who can tell time!

Four photos in a montage. Two of Hobbes as a white-coated kitten, and two of a mature Hobbes with some gray stripes

Hobbes on his back, showing his belly, playing with a toy

A fluffy Hobbes stares at the camera with his jewel-like blue eyes