Meet Revan! He lives with April Ramm, Support Human.

April writes:

He’s a Sphynx and he loves to tell you things, jump on stuff and knock things on the floor. He’s also fond of sneak attacks and eating your elbow. He is a shoulder cat, and will jump from the floor to your shoulder, digging into whatever he can if he misjudges the distance. He also is actually pretty fond of nail grooming time, and will purr when I trim and file his nails — which makes the shoulder cat thing slightly less terrible.

We love a dedicated shoulder cat! Who talks! And we love that he’s good about getting his claws trimmed — not every cat is so copacetic.

Revan is clearly a Very Good Kitty.

Revan on a colorful blanket

Revan on a blanket looking at a laptop

Revan on a blanket with his very handsome face looking at the camera