Meet Rosie!

She lives with OmniFocus engineer Jim Correia, who writes:

Rosie bounced around between a few homes and a shelter before finally finding her forever home in 2014. She was formerly known as Fudge and as Girly, and she spent a few awkward months without any name at all.

Rosie splits her time between being a city/office dog and living in the country. She loves coming to Omni, going for walks, playing tug, snuggling on the couch, and protecting her family from attack squirrels. Wet Noses are her favorite treats, but she thinks the treats from the 3 O’coffee walk to Herkimer are pretty OK, too.

In the first picture she’s sitting on the bench outside her favorite local coffee joint, patiently waiting for that treat, while on the lookout for those mean squirrels — exactly as a best dog would do. Which she is.

Coffee Shop Rosie — BEST DOG

Rosie with teeth — BEST DOG

Office Rosie — BEST DOG

Christmas Rosie — BEST DOG

Autumn Rosie — BEST DOG