• Pancakes and bacon day!

    Pancakes! And! Bacon! 🐣🐥

  • Corn dogs and tater tots! Beige Lunch Day!

    Beige usually means uninspiring — but not in this case. 🐥

  • On this fine Friday we have Kalbi beef short ribs/tofu rice bowls for lunch.

    Fancy! Tasty!

  • Back in the office today. Whew! Lunch is rotisserie chicken/veggies ragu.

    And… we don’t normally comment on dinner, but it’s prime rib tonight. 🎩

  • No lunch today — our office goes by the schools, and Seattle public schools are closed today.

    We’re on our own! Send biscuits!

  • It snowed again, a little — but we are undeterred, even in this city of icy hills, and we will have Cobb salad for lunch today.

  • We got a little snow, but not enough to keep us all at home. 🐥 Lunch will be grilled ham-and-cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches.

  • Farmer’s Lunch for lunch today!

    We’re not really farmers. Digital farmers, maybe. :)

  • Meatloaf or lentil sandwiches today for lunch.

    We’ve loved Meatloaf ever since “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” We wonder though, if we ever meet him, do we call him “Meat” or “Mr. Loaf” or what?

  • It’s the first breakfast-for-lunch of the new year!

    Biscuits and gravy. Yes! 👑

  • Lunch menu says “Angelhair Pasta w/Red Sauce/Clam Sauce.”

    Big day for the pasta lovers! Which includes this reporter. 🐯

  • We’ll start off 2020 with pot stickers and egg rolls for lunch today. 🐣

  • Last lunch of the year! Pulled pork sandwiches or lentil/quinoa patties. Plus onion rings!

  • Penultimate lunch of 2019 is… wait for it… drum roll…

    Corn dogs!

  • Last breakfast-for-lunch of the year!

    Eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, jam. Perfection.

  • Just a few more lunches this year, before the kitchen closes for the holidays. On this fine Tuesday we have hot pastrami and pastrami-tofu sandwiches.

    static func ==(lhs: pastrami, rhs: yumminess) -> Bool {
        return true
  • Turkey/veggie sandwiches for lunch today. It’s not flashy — it’s just good.

  • Chicken/veggie strips for lunch. Prolly fries or something potato-ish too. Fancy mustards. Good lunch. 🐯

  • Breakfast sandwich today, since it’s breakfast-for-lunch day. Generally this involves eggs and bacon. And it is delicious.

  • Let’s say you hear that lunch is three-spice beef or tofu and noodles. You’d be glad, right?

    But then you hear — no, it’s four-spice beef. You’d be super-glad, right? Such spice!

    But then you hear the actual unbelievable truth: it’s five-spice beef! How can you even deal? 🐯

  • Grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches for lunch today. Mmmmm. Cheese.

  • Ruby — the best dog and our favorite correspondent, who lives with Julie Brewer, Massage Therapist at the Omni Group — sends us another email talking about her hobbies.

    Hi everybody! I also like…

    Ruby in front of a mural of an apparent dinosaur that might actually be a rhinoceros.


    Ruby holding a green frisbee in her mouth.


    Ruby wearing a green Seahawks winter cap.

    The Seahawks…

    Ruby wearing a fake mustache.


    Ruby leaping into a pool, with palm trees and water in the background.

    Puerto Vallarta…

    Ruby and Julie, nose-to-nose. Both are smiling.

    … and my mom!

    I think I just gave you way more than you need, but now you know a lot about me.

    🐾 The Ruby

    Sent from my iPad

    Note from the editor: we’re giving cats and dogs time off for the rest of the holiday season. They’ll be back in January!

  • Club sandwiches for lunch today. Good choice for TGIF lunch!

  • Hot dogs! Get yer hot dogs here! Hot daaaaawwwwwwwgs!

    (Well, once it’s lunchtime, that is.)

  • Pancakes day! Best day there is.

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