• You’ve probably already read our September roadmap update — and now we’ve created a status page showing where we are with each of our apps.

    We’ll keep it updated as we do new releases. We’ll also make announcements here and on our big (non-micro) blog.

  • It’s fried egg sandwiches and bacon for lunch this iOS 13’s Eve. 🍳🥪🥓

  • Pasta-lovers rejoice! It’s rigatoni and red sauce today.

    Sure, the dry season just ended, and the rain has returned — but we get pasta for lunch. Life’s good!

  • Meet Osa! She lives with Matt Crosby, System Administrator at The Omni Group.

    Matt writes:

    Osa has insisted on growing the most ridiculous winter fur coat this summer. She may be under the false assumption that Montana winter (where she grew up) is just around the corner!

    Look at that floof! Look at that face! Clearly the Best Dog.

    Osa lounges on dog bed that might be too small for her.

    Osa lies down on the grass beside a tent.

    Osa looks back at the camera while sitting in the back of a large car.

  • Pizza today! Pizza made here — not delivery. The perfect Friday lunch. 🍕

  • Bread salad for lunch today. It’s a thing. That we like.

  • OmniGraffle with iOS 13 features — including Dark Mode, as seen in this screenshot — is now available via TestFlight! Your help testing is appreciated. 😃

    Screenshot of OmniGraffle in Dark Mode, running on an iPad.

  • Reid Callan, OmniFocus engineer, joins The Omni Show to talk about dodge ball, dogs, and Destiny. And about helping to get OmniFocus ready for iOS 13.

    Pictures from the recording studio:

    Reid Callan in OmniStudio.

    Reid Callan looking at the camera and smiling in OmniStudio.

  • Breakfast biscuit sandwiches today for lunch. Bacon will almost certainly be involved. It’s a good day to like food.

  • Turkey sandwiches for lunch today is completely not a commentary on today‘s Apple Event! We’re super-psyched for the always-on watch and the iPhone 11 Pro!

  • Corn dogs today. They’re good. We’re happy.

  • Navani and Adolin, who live with Lanette Creamer, Software Test Pilot, have really grown up!

    Here’s Navani as a kitten; here’s Adolin.

    Both are considered — by universal acclaim, no roll call vote needed — Very Good Kitties.

    (How to tell which is which: Navani is on the top level in the first picture below, and Adolin has his head turned a little sideways.)

    Navani and Adolin on cat-climbing furniture, on separate levels.

    Navani and Adolin on cat-climbing furniture, both at the top level.

    Navani sits on a window sill and shows her teeth.

  • Today’s lunch is rigatoni and garlic bread.

    Woe to those people who work from home on Fridays — including the person who actually writes these posts — for pasta is life.

  • Reuben sandwiches today. This is not one of those lunches in regular rotation — but I think we can handle a bit of change now and again. :)

  • “Breakfast Hash” says the menu. While that’s not terrifically explicit, it’s still plenty enough to get the heart beating faster in anticipation. Betcha there’s bacon.


  • Tacos Tuesday! Tuesday Tacos! Sound the alarms!

  • Here’s Fergus the Cat!

    He lives with Jim Rowland, Software Test Pilot at The Omni Group, who’s famous for saying, “You put enough things that go boom together, something is going to leave the ground.” (Jim used to put satellites in orbit.)

    You may think you recognize Fergus as a previously-featured kitten, and you’d be right — but his name was Declan then.

    What happened? Why the name change? Jim says:

    It was simple. He comes when we call him Fergus and he ignored us when we called him Declan. We were wrong and he was letting us know :)

    See? Definitely a Very Good Kitty. 🐯

    Fergus on the carpet sleeping under a desk.

    Fergus asleep in a blanket.

    Fergus stretched on a kind of fuzzy bag.

    Fergus sleeping on his back under a desk.

    Declan sitting on Jim’s legs.

  • BLTs for lunch! The classic. If a week is a sentence, this is the exclamation mark. :)

  • Tuna melts today. Thursday Tuna? Not quite alliterative, but we’ll take it. 🥪

  • Here’s a photo of Anne Johnson, Support Human, who joins The Omni Show to talk about support. And singing. 👩‍🎤

    The omni show 045 anne johnson

  • Lunch today — it being breakfast-for-lunch day — is scones and scrambles! It’s a good one. Good chance there will also be 🥓. Yeet!

  • Today’s lunch is Caesar Salad. Little-known fact: it’s named for Herbert Caesar, the Carpet Remnants King of Akron, Ohio — who just happened to love salads and anchovies and was otherwise a silent partner in a friend’s restaurant called The Pegasus.

    We’ll be thinking of you today, Herbert.

    (Herbert was, eventually, deposed by his board of directors, and he died of a broken heart. But his name lives on.)

  • Lunch: ham sandwiches. Hammiches. Hamamwiches.

  • It’s Scout the Best Dog again! Here he is right after his brushing.

    You could make a whole other really great dog out of that pile-o’-fur! Wowsers!

    Scout lying down on a hardwood floor next to a pile of fur.

  • We’re closing the week with grilled cheese and tomato soup. Pretty much the perfect lunchtime comfort food.

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