• OmniFocus for the Web is now in public testing! We appreciate your putting it through its paces and letting us know how it goes.

  • OmniFocus Books: One New, One Updated

    Check out the new book Build Your OmniFocus Workflow by @rosemaryorchard and @nostodnayr.

    And check out the updated Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3 by Kourosh Dini.

    Book cover for Build Your OmniFocus Workflow

    Book cover for Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3

  • We’ve begun offering site licenses for OmniGraffle for iOS. More of our iOS apps will follow. Read all about it!

    Here’s a walk-through of how it works.

  • Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Hot dogs! For lunch!

  • Ham sandwiches today! Or veggie sandwiches, of course — the kitchen folks always provide a vegetarian option.

    We’ve said it before: the kitchen makes a mean sandwich. And by “mean” we mean “quite yummy.”

  • Luna — bella Luna — is a Time Lord who lives with Kristina Sontag, who writes that…

    …she happens to look like a cat. Luna has her very own Tardis, (thanks to the ever talented April Ramm), and is always in motion thus very hard to get a photo of. Nevertheless, I have managed through patience, practice and many dangly feathered cat toys, to capture some reasonable photos.

    What a Very Good Time Lord Luna is!

    Close-up of Luna’s face with green eyes and pink nose

    Luna inside her Tardis, which is carpeted

    Luna in a cat bed, looking up

    Luna’s face, with window in the background

    Luna sleeping

    Luna in profile, sitting on Kristina’s leg

  • If someone asks you to think of lunch, in a general sense, there’s a very good chance you’ll picture a roast beef sandwich. It’s the quintessential lunch.

    We’d even bet that lunch was invented just so people could have a chance to eat more roast beef sandwiches.

    And, on this beautifully sunny Friday in Seattle, lunch is, quite properly, roast beef sandwiches. 🎩

  • Bonus Willow and Xander pic:

    Willow and Xander sniff BB-8

  • Greek lunch today! Not geek lunch, no, though you can be excused for misreading it.

    It’s usually things like build-your-own gyros sandwich and hummus. A welcome classic on this sparkling, sunny Thursday.

  • It’s breakfast-for-lunch day! English muffins, eggs, and bacon.

    Again with the bacon. Yup! OmniBacon.

  • Today’s lunch: angelhair pasta and red sauce or clam sauce.

    The portion of the company that loves pasta beyond all reason is quite happy! That portion may just be one person. But take it from us — that one person (we could name him; he might even be typing this) is quite happy.

  • We’re introducing optional subscriptions for OmniFocus.

    You don’t have to subscribe, but if you do decide it’s the right way to go for you, then you’ll have a choice:

    • $9.99/month for OmniFocus for the Web and the pro editions of OmniFocus for iOS and Mac. (All three apps!)

    • $4.99/month for OmniFocus for the Web. (Best for people who’ve already bought one or more editions of OmniFocus.)

  • It’s the last day to buy our cool floppy disks T-shirt!

  • Corn dogs for lunch today!

  • You’ve met Derek’s cool cats Willow and Xander — but you haven’t seen the feline duo together.

    Until now. Until this glorious day.

    Derek writes: “Xander loves other cats. It took him a little over a week to win over Willow when he was 4 months old.”

    What Very Good Kitties they are!

    Willow regards a young Xander

    Xander and Willow in front of a microphone

    Willow and Xander curled up together

    Xander and Willow sharing a cat bed and showing off their big green eyes

    Willow and Xander sharing a chair as Xander stretches a forelimb toward the camera

    Xander and Willow sleeping, with Xander hugging Willow

    Xander and Willow curled up in a circular cat bed, looking like a yin/yang symbol

    Willow and Xander on their cat bed, but awake

  • It’s Friday, so there are muffins! Blueberry. Yummmmmmmeeeeeee.

    Lunch is a classic, one of the greatest of all lunches: “Burgers of Beef or Bean”

    Not bad for Jake Carter’s last day! (We’re happy for Jake, but we’ll miss him.)

  • Hard to beat yesterday’s French Toast — but it’s BLTs today. B is for bacon. On a sandwich! If that didn’t already exist, our kitchen folks would have invented it.

  • Molly Reed took this video of her cat Cleo totally trolling her dog Mara. It’s impossible not to love that cat!


  • FRENCH TOAST DAY 👑🐯🎩😹🌈💥🥓

  • It’s Tuesday, so… tacos?

    Well, no. Fajitas!

    That works, too — what we lose in alliteration we make up for in general yumminess. :)

  • Let’s do ham sandwiches and veggie sandwiches for lunch today. It’s a deal.

  • Xander lives with Willow and with Derek Motonaga, Prime Minister of OmniOutliner and OmniFocus for the Web. Derek writes that Xander is…

    …named after Xander Harris from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    He was a super shy kitty around other people for years, but he’s finally overcome it most of the time. He’s a big cuddly fluff ball with a very expressive face.

    Just look at him and his big green eyes — such a Very Good Kitty!

    Xander sitting in an alley

    Xander sleeping with his head down

    Closeup of Xander’s face

    Xander curled-up and upside-down in a cat bed

    Xander peeking out from under a piece of floppy furniture

    Xander partly under a piece of cardboard

    Xander wearing a lion hat

  • Here’s how to file Inbox items using drag-and-drop in OmniFocus for Mac.

    Screenshot showing the preference on the Organization tab for showing the Inbox in the Projects list

    Screenshot showing the Inbox included in the Projects tab

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