• Today’s lunch: Hot dog bar!

    “Hot dog bar” — those three magic words we all long to hear. :)

  • Breakfast for lunch day! Scones and scrambles, says the menu. Bacon is not explicitly listed, but it‘s a super good bet.

  • In case you ever wondered how magnets work… here’s How to Get All the Magnets in OmniGraffle.

    Shape with five magnets per side.

    Shape with ten magnets per side.

  • Pulled pork or tempeh for lunch today. Now that is a lunch. Doin’ it right on an uncharacteristically gray Tuesday.

  • Tuna melts (or veggie melts) for lunch today. Everyone likes a melt.

  • You’ve seen pictures of Conan before — but you’ve never seen Conan and Gabriel the Cat. They live with Annette Fuller, Support Human.

    We apologize for Conan’s blurriness — when he was a puppy he just couldn’t be still.

    Note their relative sizes! It didn’t last long. :)

    Also note how straight-up cool Gabriel, a Very Good Kitty, is with his best dog Conan.

    Conan as a puppy being watched by Gabriel the cat.

    Gabriel and Conan face-to-face, possibly about to touch noses.

  • Turkey or veggie sandwich for lunch today. Solid end to a solid week.

  • Greek Lunch for lunch today. A personal favorite of your faithful correspondent who writes these lunch blurbs.

  • We heard you like podcasters. :)

    Picture taken right before recording an episode of The Omni Show. Seated in the studio are Tim Wood, Ken Case, Brent Simmons, and Tim EKl

    From left to right: Tim Wood, Ken Case, Brent Simmons, Tim EKl.

  • While Wednesdays are often breakfast-for-lunch day, they’re not always. This Wednesday brings us quesadillas. Definitely a crowd favorite!

  • Caesar wraps for lunch today. A Caesar salad, wrapped up? One assumes. Well, we’re always up to try something new!

  • We’re back to our regular lunch reporting schedule. :)

    It’s pot stickers and egg rolls today. It’s okay if you feel a little envy!

  • You’ve met Mabel before — she lives with Dave Messent, OmniFocus Prime Minister.

    Ainsley Bourque Olson, OmniPlan Prime Minister, snapped this pic a few weeks ago. Ainsley writes:

    I believe she was making absolutely sure that I had in fact finished eating my afternoon snack.

    No surprise! That’s exactly what the best dog would do.

    Mabel sitting up and looking at the camera.

  • Lunch today — on this last working day before WWDC turns summer upside-down — is grinders.

    We had to look it up. It’s a regional term for submarine sandwiches.

    Note: lunch next week will go un-reported-on as your correspondent will be in San Jose. :)

  • Tacos… Thursday? Yep. Tacos are an any-day food. :)

  • Lanette Creamer, Software Test Pilot, joins The Omni Show to talk about testing OmniGraffle, driving a Tesla, and adopting kittens. 🐯🐯 Enjoy!

    Lanette Creamer in front of a microphone in OmniStudio.

  • You know what day it is! Breakfast-for-lunch day means, on this particular Wednesday, biscuit breakfast sandwiches. Yummmmmmmmmm.

  • Lunch on this fabulous day is turkey or veggie and cranberry sandwiches.

    If that sounds a little like Thanksgiving, well — we just launched OmniFocus for the Web today, and we are thankful that we get to make great software that helps people get their work done. :)

  • We’ve got more pictures of Navani!

    As you will recall, she lives with Lanette Creamer, Software Test Pilot, and she was found on a logging road north of Seattle.

    She fits in a purse! She hunts pillows! She looks innocent! She naps! She’s a Very Good Kitty!

    Navani with her mouth slightly open.

    Navani appearing to talk.


    Navani sitting on a small pillow and looking innocect.

    Navani biting a pillow.

    Navani sleeping peacefully.

  • Farmer’s Lunch today. It’s kind of like a buffet — a collection of yummy things to pick and choose from. Makes for a slower line, but it’s worth it!

  • Thai fried rice for lunch. Thai Thursday? Is that a thing? Works for us. :)

  • The menu tells us that lunch today is “Savory Bread Pudding” — which is somewhat of a mystery. Not your typical lunch. Expecting it will be, as always, awesome.

  • Lunch today is grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Or grilled cheese for the vegetarians. And, probably, grilled ham for the dairy-free folks. Grilled something for everyone!

  • New Inside OmniGraffle tip: Using Math in the Geometry Inspector.

    The fields in the Geometry Inspector are like mini-calculators, and they even understand mixed unit types.

  • Lunch today: Coooooooooorn dogs.

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