• It can rain all it wants to today — we’ve got French toast (and prolly bacon) for lunch!

  • Caesar salad day. It’s not about the lettuce — it’s about the dressing. And all the goodies you can pile on top.

  • Lunch. Good ol’ lunch. Let’s talk about it.

    (Literally checks notes…)

    It’s pot stickers and egg rolls!

  • We don’t have cat or dog pictures today — instead we’re showing off the gorgeous view from Omni HQ, where we overlook south Lake Union and, in the distance, Capitol Hill.

    Note the boats, the float plane, and the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI). Not shown, or possibly just hard to spot, are all the geese down at the park by the water.

    You could come work for Omni and enjoy this view too! We’re hiring a Senior Front-End Web Developer. :)

    IMG 3969

    IMG 3971

    IMG 3970

  • Hot pastrami — or veggies — on rye for lunch today.

    Also: we a have a job opening for a senior front-end web developer. You too could enjoy our lunches. :)


  • Chicken/veggie strips and dips. Fries. Curried lentil squash soup. Salad bar (as always).

    Yup. Good lunch.

  • Lunch — biscuits and gravy. Yesssssss!

  • Quesedillas for lunch. Always a crowd pleaser!

  • What’s for lunch on Catalina day? Ham sandwiches. Cool.

  • Grilled cheese. Tomato soup. The perfect early autumn lunch.

  • Meet Lando!

    This best dog lives with Chris Pruitt, Web Developer, who appears in The Omni Show episode How We Built OmniFocus for the Web, who writes:

    This is our newest addition, Lando. Some friends of ours found this sweet boy abandoned down in Joshua Tree back in March. We said that we would give him a loving home and they gladly drove him back to Seattle where he has been happy ever since. Some of his favorite things are sleeping, playing with Frankie (our other dog), and trying to figure out why Tilly (our cat) doesn’t want to play.

    Lando lying down in what appears to be a desert

    Lando sitting in the backseat of a car with a ray of sunlight flashing past his head.

    Lando looking at the camera, with head slightly tilted.

    Lando lying down on a green rug, between a coffee table and a sofa.

  • It’s ramen day. For real this time. :)

  • CORRECTION: today was not ramen day. Your correspondent was living in the future. It was actually various flavors of bagels toasted on request, hummus, sunny-side-up eggs, cream cheese, and bacon day. Which is an awesome day.

    But now you know that tomorrow’s ramen day. :)

  • Ramen day! It‘s weird how much people love ramen — and our chefs make great ramen.

  • Chopp Salad for lunch today. It’s kind of a make-your-own thing. Always good!

  • The menu says “American Ghoulash Bake” for today’s lunch. Let your imagination run wild.

  • Calvin and Hobbes — two Very Good Kitties — are back! They live with Michelle Knee, Software Test Pilot, who notes that they had their eighth birthday a few weeks ago:

    I don’t think eight is old enough to use their middle names. Their first names are for youth (Calvin and Hobbes after the comic strip), and their middle names are for when they get older (Statler and Waldorf). Statler and Waldorf are the curmudgeonly muppets that sit in the balcony and heckle people.

    We will celebrate by getting the feather wands out tonight and having a rousing play session which will thoroughly wear out Calvin as he goes all out to catch the feather and destroy it.

    They are still the best of buds and would be lost without each other.

    Michell writes, of this picture:

    I interrupted a discussion they were having. Calvin is on the left and Hobbes on the right:

    Calvin and Hobbes lying on the floor and looking up at the camera.

    Of this picture, she says:

    The boys are “helping” me with a project. Hobbes on the left and Calvin on the right:

    Calvin and Hobbes lying on a blanket.

    And, of this picture:

    We tried a new toy filled with silver vine (stronger than catnip) and Calvin was all roly-poly. Hobbes (left) is just watching his brother go crazy:

    Hobbes and and a slightly-blurry Calvin on the floor.

  • Greek lunch today! A fan favorite.

  • Club sandwiches day!

    To be in the club, all you have to do is like club sandwiches. Pretty good club.

  • The internet’s own Daniel Jalkut appears in the latest episode of The Omni Show to talk about he uses OmniFocus to keep up with all the things — making apps and pizza and raising kids.

    Here’s a nice picture of Daniel.

    Daniel Jalkut

  • Pancakes day! You know how we feel about pancakes day. We won‘t make you envious by going on and on about how wonderful pancakes day is. They’re so good, though. Who knew that cakes made in a pan could be so amazing? And then with all the butter and the syrup. And the bacon.

  • Tacos Tuesday! Can’t beat that with a stick.

  • You’ve probably already read our September roadmap update — and now we’ve created a status page showing where we are with each of our apps.

    We’ll keep it updated as we do new releases. We’ll also make announcements here and on our big (non-micro) blog.

  • It’s fried egg sandwiches and bacon for lunch this iOS 13’s Eve. 🍳🥪🥓

  • Pasta-lovers rejoice! It’s rigatoni and red sauce today.

    Sure, the dry season just ended, and the rain has returned — but we get pasta for lunch. Life’s good!

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