• Chop salad for lunch today! That means a salad with a whole bunch of things of your choice. It‘s good.

  • It’s corn dogs and tots day. Any lunch that calls for both mustard and ketchup is alright with us. :)

  • Nachos!

  • Pot stickers! Egg rolls! We can’t have tacos every Tuesday — this’ll do. :)

  • We’re going to start the week with the basics: choice of ham or veggie sandwich for lunch.

  • Meet Gabriel! He lives with Annette Fuller, Support Human.

    He’s Mr. Cool. A true Curly Sleeper with a Saber-Toothed Yawn. And, obviously, a Very Good Kitty!

    Gabriel curled up and asleep.

    Gabriel yawning, with his teeth and tongue showing.

    Gabriel lying down and looking at the camera.

    Close-up of Gabriel’s face.

  • Breakfast for lunch day! It‘s one of the slower lines, but so so worth it: bagels, eggs, and lox.

    A variety of bagels — your choice. Toasted or not. They’re good bagels, Brent.

  • We’re very excited about the new dropped actions feature now shipping in OmniFocus for Mac, iOS, and for the Web!

    For repeating actions, it gives you a choice:

    Screenshot showing a sheet with options to Drop Completely or Skip This Occurrence.

  • Though the menu says, somewhat enigmatically, that lunch is “Red Sauce/Clam Sauce” — we know from experience that this is most likely accompanied by angel hair pasta.

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: there are those among us, your faithful correspondent included, who aver most strenuously that pasta is life.

  • Grilled steak and grilled veggie sandwiches for lunch today. Seems like an appropriate start to a week with a big grilling holiday.

  • Adolin is a very new and Very Good Kitty who lives with Navani and Lanette Creamer, Software Test Pilot.

    Look at that cool kitty-cat smile!

    Adolin looking at Lanette.

    Adolin sitting up in bed.

    Adolin peering at something, with slightly dilated pupils.

    Adolin’s head poking out of a purse with decorative cat eyes and whiskers.

    Adolin lying down on a couch.

  • Lunch today is turkey or veggie plus cranberry sandwiches. TGIF!

  • Lunch — chicken or veggie strips. eom

  • Here’s a picture of Jim Rowland, Software Test Pilot, taken during recording of the latest episode of The Omni Show.

    Photo of Jim Rowland

  • So, you know it’s Wednesday, and thus probably breakfast-for-lunch day — and it is — and then you read the menu and find that the thing for today is “Breakfast Sandwich” — which is like a menu item from Repo Man — and then you want to make that the name of your punk rock band.

  • Caesar salad today. It’s kind of a build-your-own-salad thing. It’s good. And now that the sun is shining again we feel more like having a summer salad than something heavier. 👍

  • It’s June-uary in Seattle — and grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch sounds perfect for this cool day.

  • You’ve met the awesome Navani before. Navani lives with Lanette Creamer, Software Test Pilot.

    In an episode of The Omni Show, we asked Lanette if Navani has any hobbies. The answer: She does! And this delightful video demonstrates her top interest. :)

    What a Very Good Kitty!

  • Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Sandwiches. Happy. Friday.

  • Today’s lunch: Hot dog bar!

    “Hot dog bar” — those three magic words we all long to hear. :)

  • Breakfast for lunch day! Scones and scrambles, says the menu. Bacon is not explicitly listed, but it‘s a super good bet.

  • In case you ever wondered how magnets work… here’s How to Get All the Magnets in OmniGraffle.

    Shape with five magnets per side.

    Shape with ten magnets per side.

  • Pulled pork or tempeh for lunch today. Now that is a lunch. Doin’ it right on an uncharacteristically gray Tuesday.

  • Tuna melts (or veggie melts) for lunch today. Everyone likes a melt.

  • You’ve seen pictures of Conan before — but you’ve never seen Conan and Gabriel the Cat. They live with Annette Fuller, Support Human.

    We apologize for Conan’s blurriness — when he was a puppy he just couldn’t be still.

    Note their relative sizes! It didn’t last long. :)

    Also note how straight-up cool Gabriel, a Very Good Kitty, is with his best dog Conan.

    Conan as a puppy being watched by Gabriel the cat.

    Gabriel and Conan face-to-face, possibly about to touch noses.

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