• The menu tells us that lunch today is “Savory Bread Pudding” — which is somewhat of a mystery. Not your typical lunch. Expecting it will be, as always, awesome.

  • Lunch today is grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Or grilled cheese for the vegetarians. And, probably, grilled ham for the dairy-free folks. Grilled something for everyone!

  • New Inside OmniGraffle tip: Using Math in the Geometry Inspector.

    The fields in the Geometry Inspector are like mini-calculators, and they even understand mixed unit types.

  • Lunch today: Coooooooooorn dogs.

  • Meet Lucy and Linus again!

    These Very Good Kitties live with Ainsley Bourque Olson, OmniPlan Prime Minister.

    Lucy is all toes:

    Lucy napping, with pink pads showing.

    Linus is doing his impression of a snail:

    Linus sleeping all curled up.

  • It’s Italian sandwiches for lunch today. Solid close to a solid week of good food.

  • Well. Today’s lunch is something special — Seattle Dogs!

    For folks who don’t know: a Seattle Dog is a hot dog with cream cheese and sautéed onions. While it’s usually an end-of-the-night food cart delight, it works for lunch too. :)

  • OmniFocus Engineer Tim Ekl joins The Omni Show to talk about working on OmniFocus’s sync and model code, how he came to Omni, organizing Seattle Xcoders, and just how many servers he runs. And other things. :)

    Photo of Tim Ekl’s face in the OmniStudio.

  • You know what day it is. Breakfast for lunch day! Menu says: “Scrambled Eggs, Hash Browns, Toast, Bacon.” That’ll do it. :)

  • Bagel bar for lunch today. Bagel bar! Bagel bar! Sing a song of bagel bar!

  • New on Inside OmniGraffle: On Saving Time with the Style Tray.

    It’s one of those very useful things that not every OmniGraffle user knows about — but they should.

    Screenshot showing two rectangles with different styles.

    Screenshot showing the Style Tray.

    Screenshot showing two rectangles with the same styles.

  • Tuna melt for lunch today. We all melt for tuna melt.

  • The menu says that lunch today is “Bread Salad.” Clearly not your ordinary salad!

  • Meet Lupin! He lives with Kineta Chien, OmniFocus for the Web developer.

    Kineta writes that he’s named after manga character Lupin the Third.

    Such a Very Good Kitty! A real coding kitty. :)

    Lupin standing in between a keyboard and a monitor, looking at the camera.

  • Here’s a view from the office. Lake Union. Capitol Hill in the distance. A few docked floatplanes.

    Lake Union and Capitol Hill in the distance on a sunn day.

  • OmniPlan 3 Enterprise for Mac is now up on the App Store! And it sports this cool dark-themed icon.

    App icon for OmniPlan 3 Enterprise for Mac.

  • Greek lunch for lunch today! And it’s a sunny day. Temperature here in town might hit 80.

  • Club sandwiches for lunch today. Because we’re all in the club. And we’re gonna need sandwiches. Simple.

  • Tacos Tuesday! Sure, Cinco de Mayo was a couple days ago. But we love tacos any and every day.

  • You know about sliders, right? But what about lamb sliders? brightidea.gif!

    Veggie sliders also available, of course.

  • Lunch today: pastrami sandwiches! Were sandwiches music, pastrami wouldn’t quite make the greatest hits list — but it wouldn’t be a deep cut, either.

    It would be that one song that, over time, convinced you that it’s probably that band’s very greatest song.

  • You’ve met Mona before, sure — but we had to share these pictures.

    Mona lives with Steve Schenk. Steve writes:

    Sometimes, Mona likes to carry her prized toys during our lunchtime walks around Omni. Here are two different toys from fellow tester Michelle K!

    She’s not just the best carrying-things-around dog — she’s the best dog. :)

    Mona on the sidewalk carrying a racoon toy.

    Mona on a sidewalk carrying a green plush toy, possibly a dragon or dinosaur.

  • Chop. Salad. Lunch. Yup.

  • Anything could happen today. It’s fine. Doesn’t matter — because we get pancakes for lunch today. :)

  • Tom Bunch is the guest on the latest episode of The Omni Show. We talk about OmniPlan and WebObjects and fish.

    Tom Bunch facing the camera, with a microphone on his left.

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