• You remember, Juno, right? She lives with Kristina Sontag, Test Manager.

    We have a new picture! Kristina writes:

    Auntie Michelle gives the best toys, but what do you do when they fall off the most comfy couch in the office?!

    Happy to say that Juno is doing so much better after her health scare last summer, and is still the best dog ever.

    All agree — she is the best dog. The one foretold by prophecy. The one the ancients dreamed about.

    And we’re all so glad that she’s doing so much better.

    Juno on the comfy couch, looking down at a toy on the floor.

  • Lunch today is fish or tofu sandwiches and fries. Here in the northwest we love our seafood. It’s the rule.

  • Lunch today: Caesar salad. Named for Italian immigrant and restaurateur Caesar Cardini. Not named for Julius Caesar, destroyer of the Republic of Rome. Turns out.

  • Scones and scrambles! You know what day it is. Breakfast-for-lunch day. Betcha there will be bacon.

  • Evan McNulty is the guest on the latest The Omni Show. Don’t miss it! It’s Evan!

    Evan in front of a microphone in OmniStudioe.

  • It’s Tuesday! So… quesedillas! Quesedillas Quesday? Whatever — they’re yummy no matter what day it is. :)

  • Lunch today: grilled cheese sandwiches. Tomato soup. Comfort food for April 15.

  • Lunch today is ham or veggie sandwiches. Solid.

  • I know you know what day it is! It’s gonna be French Toast for lunch. Literally sweeeeeet. :)

  • Lunch today is a choice of BBQ brisket or tempeh sandwiches.

    There are those among the staff for whom “BBQ brisket” are magic words. As is proper.

  • Meet Navani!

    She was rescued by Lanette Creamer, Software Test Pilot, after she was found on a logging road north of Seattle.

    She’s so little and so cute! Already a Very Good Kitty!

    Little Navani in a box, apparently meowing.

    Navani, a white cat with blue yes, being pet by Lanette.

    Close-up of Navani’s face.

    Navani appearing to slip between couch pillows.

    Navani asleep and smiling.

  • OmniPlan 3.12 for Mac now shows long task names in the Network View and includes numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Available now!

    Screenshot showing long task names in OmniPlan’s Network View.

  • Chop salad for lunch today. A build-your-own thing. Bet there will be bacon. Maybe hard-boiled eggs too? Fingers crossed!

  • OmniGraffle 7 Enterprise for Mac simplifies deployment for customers who want to take advantage of the App Store’s Volume Purchase Program — and it’s available now on the Mac App Store!

    Omnigraffle enterprise icon

  • What day is it? Breakfast for lunch day! Bagels, lox, and eggs. To our delight. :)

  • Annette Fuller, Support Unicorn, joins The Omni Show to talk about storytelling, writing, helping people — and My Little Pony. And Harry Potter. And Thor. And more!

    Picture of Annette Fuller

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  • New newsletter is out! Number 19 talks about OmniGraffle’s new Fill Shape with Text feature, reminds people to watch Project Planning 101 videos, links to some recent The Omni Show episodes, and more.

  • Taco Tuesday! ’Nuf said. -30-

  • Lunch is angel hair pasta with red sauce or clam sauce. Note: add a little bit of crushed red peppers on top for the perfect lunch.

  • Meet Conan! Conan lives with Annette Fuller, Support Human, who writes:

    We brought Conan home at 8 weeks old, and now at 10 months and 90 pounds, he is still as much of a lap dog as he was back then. He loves cuddles and meeting new people and playing with as many other dogs as possible. It’s his sworn duty to clean up the neighborhood, which is why you’ll often see him dragging branches back home for disposal during our walks.

    Conan’s still pretty new to this planet! But he’s been here long enough to be known — on every continent and every island, and even on the ships at sea — as the best dog.

    Conan as a puppy looking up at the camera.

    Conan sleeping on a couch, or possibly a futon set up like a couch.

    Conan dragging a stick.

  • Lunch today is Greek pita sandwiches. That’s a pretty nice lunch.

  • Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrramen today!

  • On this sunny late-March day we’re having chicken-fried steaks and veggie pancakes for lunch. Life’s good.

  • “Hot Dog Bar” for lunch today. Hot dog!

    (People used to say “hot dog!” to mean excited approval. Noted just in case that usage has lost currency.)

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