• You’ve met Keiko before, and you’ve met Scout — but you haven’t seen them together.

    These fine fur-friends live with Reid Callan, OmniGraffle and OmniFocus engineer.

    Scout is world-renowned as the best dog, and Keiko is clearly a Very Good Kitty — and they’re total buds. :)

    Scout appears to be presenting a curled-up Keiko to the camera.

    Scout and Keiko on a blanket, with Scout resting his head on Keiko’s back.

    Scout and Keiko sleeping head-against-head on a blanket. Keiko might be slightly awake.

  • Turkey sandwich day. Can’t go wrong with a turkey sandwich.

  • Today’s lunch is choice of chorizo or veggie sandwich.

    “Chorizo” is fun to say and yummy.

  • We’re going to have savory bread pudding for lunch.

    Which sounds like something a Dickens character would love.


  • Hot dogs today. Yeet!

    (We’re trying to “yeet” more. Totally not sure if we’re doing it right. Forgive us!)

  • Just another meatloaf Monday… 🎸🎹🎶

  • The menu for today says “Bread Salad.” It’s a salad, and its primary ingredient is bread. That’s all we know. But we’re keen to know more!

  • Must be Wednesday! Breakfast-for-lunch — eggs, bacon, veggie bacon, potatoes, and English muffins.

    So good it defies commentary.

  • Tuesday. Tacos! Because we’re living our best lives.

  • Lunch today is steak or tofu over rice.

    That’s how fancy we are. Steak for lunch!

  • Blaze — who lives with Spark the cat and with Rey Worthington, OmniGraffle engineer — likes it when Rey works from home.

    He’s so helpful! What a Very Good Kitty!

    After a while it tires him out, though, and he finds his favorite cat bed — a backpack that only appears when Rey works from home. :)

    Blaze looking up at Rey while on her lap.

    Blaze asleep on top of a backpack.

  • Let’s see… how do you end a week of good lunches? What do you line up for Friday?


    (Bet you didn’t expect that answer. But everyone likes brats, so there ya go.)

  • Lunch today is Bánh mì. Super-yummy.

  • In the latest episode of The Omni Show — on OmniGraffle performance enhancements — we have two interviews. Pics below!

    Left-to-right: Rey Worthington and Shannon Hughes, OmniGraffle engineers.

    Rey Worthington and Shannon Hughes, OmniGraffle engineers

    Left-to-right: Tim Wood, CTO; Dan Walker, OmniGraffle PM; Brent Simmons, show host; Ken Case, CEO.

    Tim Wood, Dan Walker, Brent Simmons, and Ken Case

  • “Breakfast Sandwich” is what the menu says. We’re betting on egg sandwich with bacon and maybe sausage on the side. Could be tater tots or something like that too.

    If you’re feeling envious, we understand. :)

  • From time to time people ask about recovering a lost license for an Omni Mac app. We have a page for that!

  • Club sandwiches. Will be eaten and enjoyed.

  • Grilled cheese. Tomato soup. Pretty good start to a week.

  • Here’s Scout looking at a picture of himself on this website. :)

    Scout looking at a laptop showing this website with a picture of Scout.

  • It’s Scout the snow dog!

    Scout is a golden retriever with his own Instagram account. He lives with Reid Callan, OmniGraffle and OmniFocus engineer.

    International consensus agrees that he’s the best dog.

    Scout smiling while sitting in the snow

    Scout standing in the snow and squinting.

    Scout with his nose in the snow, apparently trying to get something buried there.

    Scout standing in the snow with snow on his nose.

  • Chicken or veggie tenders for lunch today. We like a beige-colored lunch from time to time. :)

  • Lunch for today is your choice of sandwich: roasted pork or black bean.

    Omni sandwiches are a force for good in this imperfect world.

  • Biscuits! And! Gravy! That right there is a lunch.

  • Chop salad for lunch today! That means a salad with a whole bunch of things of your choice. It‘s good.

  • It’s corn dogs and tots day. Any lunch that calls for both mustard and ketchup is alright with us. :)

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