• This is cat number four of four in the critically-acclaimed series “OMG BRAIN THATS A LOTTA CAT.”

    Brian Covey, Support Manager, writes:

    The youngest is named Minerva because she has an “M” on her forehead. The only other name we could think of was a second X-men joke, but she’s not a villain and doesn’t deserve to be named after one.

    These photos also have not been inverted. She loves to lay around and sleep like that. Cats are weird.

    Definitely not a villain! In fact, she’s a hero — clearly! — and a Very Good Kitty.

    Minerva lying on her side on a rug and showing her belly.

    Minerva stretched way out on a couch.

  • Club sandwiches for lunch today! Close readers will recall that we had club sandwiches last Friday too — but riddle us this: would anyone object to club sandwiches once a week?

    We didn’t think so!

    Anyway… the really big excitement here in our cottage by the lake is that the hosts of the Automators podcast, Rose Orchard and David Sparks, are joining us for lunch!

    (They’re in town for PodCon. A lot of our friends are visiting Seattle this week, including the hosts of The Weekly Review, another podcast we quite like.)

  • Greek Lunch today! This usually means gyros sandwiches and related sides like hummus and greek salad.

    So. Very. Yummy.

  • Pancakes for lunch! Best lunch there is!

    Pancakes means anything could go wrong. The rain could fall as hard as ever. But it doesn’t matter because there’s pancakes.

  • The noble Brutus hath told you Caesar was ambitious — but we’re here to tell you that Caesar is a salad. For lunch. Today.

  • OmniFocus 3.2 for Mac is up! Includes notifications — including custom notifications — and bug fixes. Read the blog post for more!

    Screenshot showing how to set a custom notification in the Inspector.

  • Lunch today, on this sunny Monday in Seattle, will be baked pasta.

    There are those who say lunch should be served multiple times per day. Especially when pasta is involved.

  • Club sandwiches for lunch. Everyone loves a good club sandwich.

  • Brian’s! Cats! Just! Continue!

    Here’s cat number three — Cantaloupe, who, Brian writes…

    …we renamed “Cantaloupe” because that was the shape she was when we adopted her. She’s slimmer now, and LOOOOVES belly rubs. When you do a particularly good belly rub, her tongue does that. It was a good belly-rub day.

    We’ve acquired but one picture of this otherwise mysterious and ninja-like figure — but with that sticking-out tongue it’s just perfect!

    Cantaloupe is, by the way, universally recognized as a Very Good Kitty.

    Cat lying down with tongue sticking out partly

  • Corn dogs and tater tots for lunch today. O sweet mystery of life!

  • Happy New Year from The Omni Show!

    In this first episode of 2019 we interview Derek Reiff, front-end web developer, about building websites, running ultra-marathons, and making pizza.

  • Ham or veggie sandwiches today! Solid, standard lunch, not to be argued with or underestimated.


  • The OmniKitchen is back in action! Grilled cheese and tomato soup today.

    Happy New Year!

  • We’re thrilled that OmniFocus 3 is iMore’s best iPhone app of 2018! Thanks so much to the folks at iMore!


  • Peek inside the company — when referring to OmniFocus for the Web, we often abbreviate it as OFFTW.

    That’s right: OmniFocus FOR THE WIN!

  • This is part two of four in the “Brian Covey sure has a lot of cats, wow Brian” series.

    Meet Grayson! Cat the Second!

    (Not to be confused with Grayson West, Design Manager. This cat is not a manager at The Omni Group, and does not have his own office on the fourth floor right across from Brian’s office. No, certainly not — we would never think of having a cat manage humans. Nope. Stop saying it.)

    Brian writes:

    This is Cat Number Two, which the shelter we got him from unimaginatively named “Grayson.” We kept the shelter name because we are lazy. It occasionally confuses the Grayson that works here when I talk about my cat, but he handles it pretty well.

    No, this picture is not inverted. He lay there and gave me that look. Cats are weird, man.

    Grayson likes naps. He also likes to smell the outdoors, but doesn’t go there.

    What a Very Good Kitty is Grayson!

    (Scheduling note: we’re letting the cats nap straight through the holidays. We’ll wake them back up Jan. 11 for part three of “Brian’s cats lol Brian.”)

    Gray cat lying down and looking at the camera.

    Gray cat sleeping with his head on a pillow.

    Gray cat sleeping with his head in the sunshine.

    Gray cat with his nose sniffing at an open window.

  • Roast beef or veggie sandwiches for lunch today!

    Roast beef — the king of sandwiches. Simple as that.

    Note: after today the OmniKitchen will be closed for the holidays. These lunch reports will resume Jan. 7. We hope you’ll remember to eat in the meantime. :)

  • Chicken/veggie strips for lunch today! They’re often accompanied by waffle fries or tater tots, for the full Yellow-ish Meal Experience.

    Decision to make: go with ketchup and make it a high-contrast meal? Or go with mustard so as not to violate the monochromatic experience?

  • Today’s lunch is “Chop Salad” — which could mean any combination of ingredients. We’ll be surprised! Delightfully surprised, that is. :)

  • Pot stickers and egg rolls for lunch! Sweet.

  • Lunch today is one of the all-time holiday season classics: turkey or veggie plus cranberry sandwich.

  • Lunch will be meatloaf sandwiches.

    That’s right. Sandwiches. Made. Of. Meatloaf!

  • Brian Covey has a lot of cats.

    Even just one cat is a lot cats, and Brian has four, which is effectively an infinite number of cats.

    Here’s the scoop, from Brian:

    My brother-in-law’s living situation changed, and my wife called and asked if we could “bring them home, make sure they are healthy, and then re-home them.”

    At which point I said to her “Four cats would be ridiculous. We’re not taking your brother’s cats to a shelter.” This is how we became a 20-leg household, and we remain one to this day.

    It is about as ridiculous as I expected, but I wouldn’t change anything!

    So here’s the first cat in a four-cat series. Brian writes:

    This is Cat Number One, also known as Northstar, he’s not Canadian but he’s named after one. He likes to sit in things and occasionally gets MASSIVE SAUCER EYES.

    We love those crazy eightballs for eyes! What a Very Good Kitty is Northstar!

    Northstar crouched up on a pair of jeans, with wide-open eyes and black, dilated pupils

    Northstar sitting in a box, with wide-open green eyes

  • Lunch today is pressed mozzarella, basil, and tomato sandwich — which we don’t remember seeing on the menu before, but which sounds awesome!

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