• Chicken/veggie strips for lunch.

    They’re just strips. Of food. It works!

  • We have another email from Ruby, the best dog, who lives with Julie Brewer, Massage Therapist at The Omni Group…

    This is Ruby again. I have been training as an Historic Human Remains Detection Canine for the past 7 years. My mom Julie and I train with and work for the Canine Forensics Foundation (K9FF.org). This past August we went with National Geographic to Nikumaroro, Kiribati (part of the Phoenix Islands) to help with the search for Amelia Earhart (Expedition Amelia now on the National Geographic Channel). Here are some pictures from the trip…

    Two dogs on the beach wearing orange jackets.

    Everyday of this trip, my friend, Berkeley, and I took a tender through this channel to Nikumaroro to work.

    Two dogs on the beach with the boat, where they’re staying, in the distance.

    In this picture, you can see the boat (the Taka) we lived on for almost 3 weeks.

    Two dogs in the woods.

    This is me and Berkeley on the island before we started to search.

    Sent from my iPad

    Thanks, Ruby!

  • Nachos! Fun way to end the week. Can’t ever go wrong with nachos.

  • What’ll it be? What’ll it be?

    Ramen with beef or tofu! Pretty cool.

  • In the latest The Omni Show we interview April Ramm, Support Human, about triaging email and doing phone support.

    We also talk about the beautiful jewelry she makes!

    Turquoise stone ornately wrapped with silver-colored wire.

    Blue stone ornately wrapped with copper wire.

    Here’s April at the recording:

    April Ramm smiling.

  • Lunch: breakfast sandwiches, it being Wednesday and all. Should be some kind of sandwich with eggs.

    Bacon, or at least sausage, will surely be involved somehow. Because that’s how we roll.

  • Turkey and bacon — or tofu and sprouts — sandwiches today.

    We always have a vegetarian option, by the way.

  • Meet Ruby!

    Ruby, the best dog, lives with Julie Brewer, Massage Therapist at The Omni Group. Ruby’s a working dog, and she was recently part of an expedition to find Amelia Earhart, and she appears on the National Geographic TV special about the expedition.

    She’s such a smart dog that she can even do email! Ruby writes:

    I am the Border Collie mix on the left. My friend QWERTY (right) is a Springer Spaniel. We are sitting on a couch in QWERTY’s mom’s office at Omni. My mom is a Massage Therapist at Omni, and when I was little, I used to spend the day here while my mom worked.

    QWERTY and her mom moved away, but sometimes, I still get to see them. One time I even spent the night with them when I was older.

    In the next email. I’ll tell you more about myself.

    🐾 Ruby

    Sent from my iPad

    (Of course she’s an iPad user!)

    Watch for more dispatches from Ruby! In the meantime, here she is (on the left) with QWERTY…

    Ruby and QWERTY sitting on a couch.

    Ruby and QWERTY sitting on a couch, with a hand folding a printed version of the photo above, which they are recreating.

  • Lunch: tuna melt. Can’t go wrong with a good sandwich on a Friday.

  • Paseo sandwiches with pork or black beans today. It’s a Cuban sandwich that tastes like something invented by superheroes.

  • Breakfast for lunch day! Scones and scrambles. Scrambles and scones.

    And probably bacon. We run on bacon.

  • Tacos Tuesday! Imagine our happiness.

  • Lunch: grilled cheese and tomato soup. A beloved classic.

  • Today at lunch we’ll answer the question: if it’s salmon, can it still be a burger?


  • Lunch: Vietnamese Chicken/Tofu Bowls.

    Everyone loves a good bowl lunch.

  • Reminder — we‘re hiring!

    We’re looking for a Front-End Web Developer to work on OmniFocus for the Web!

    See our jobs page for more details.

  • You know it’s Wednesday. You know it’s breakfast-for-lunch day. Menu says…


  • Lunch: hot dogs and tater tots.

    Tater tots are, in fact — most people don’t realize this — potatoes picked very early, before they get big, before they’ve lost their yummy, crunchy outer shell.

    So. Good.

  • Lunch today is club sandwiches.

    Little-known fact: club sandwiches were invented by Antonia Club, a 1950s Chicago restaurateur whose other claim to fame is a series of utopian fictions in which house pets can talk, but only in French, and horses own and manage all the roadways.

  • More scenes from Omni…

    When you visit The Omni Group, you ride the elevator to the fourth floor, where you’re greeted by a big Omni logo in carved and rounded wood.

    The back-lighting smoothly transitions from color to color.

    The big Omni Log in red.

    The big Omni Log in blue.

    The big Omni Log in green.

    The big Omni Log in purple.

  • Pressed Italian sandwiches for lunch today. Not just Italian sandwiches — pressed Italian sandwiches.

    Which sounds really spiffy, like a nice suit well-maintained.

  • BLTs for lunch today. Yup — more bacon!

    The kitchen folks spoil us like crazy.

  • It can rain all it wants to today — we’ve got French toast (and prolly bacon) for lunch!

  • Caesar salad day. It’s not about the lettuce — it’s about the dressing. And all the goodies you can pile on top.

  • Lunch. Good ol’ lunch. Let’s talk about it.

    (Literally checks notes…)

    It’s pot stickers and egg rolls!

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