• Let’s say you hear that lunch is three-spice beef or tofu and noodles. You’d be glad, right?

    But then you hear — no, it’s four-spice beef. You’d be super-glad, right? Such spice!

    But then you hear the actual unbelievable truth: it’s five-spice beef! How can you even deal? 🐯

  • Grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches for lunch today. Mmmmm. Cheese.

  • Ruby — the best dog and our favorite correspondent, who lives with Julie Brewer, Massage Therapist at the Omni Group — sends us another email talking about her hobbies.

    Hi everybody! I also like…

    Ruby in front of a mural of an apparent dinosaur that might actually be a rhinoceros.


    Ruby holding a green frisbee in her mouth.


    Ruby wearing a green Seahawks winter cap.

    The Seahawks…

    Ruby wearing a fake mustache.


    Ruby leaping into a pool, with palm trees and water in the background.

    Puerto Vallarta…

    Ruby and Julie, nose-to-nose. Both are smiling.

    … and my mom!

    I think I just gave you way more than you need, but now you know a lot about me.

    🐾 The Ruby

    Sent from my iPad

    Note from the editor: we’re giving cats and dogs time off for the rest of the holiday season. They’ll be back in January!

  • Club sandwiches for lunch today. Good choice for TGIF lunch!

  • Hot dogs! Get yer hot dogs here! Hot daaaaawwwwwwwgs!

    (Well, once it’s lunchtime, that is.)

  • Pancakes day! Best day there is.

  • Our mid-day repast on this fine Tuesday will consist of tacos.

  • Lunch today is American Ghoulash.

    While technically a Halloween thing — a kind of soupy/stew-ish kind of thing made from, well, ghouls — we like it all year ’round.

  • On this last day before the US Thanksgiving holiday, we’re having meatloaf and VeggieLoaf sandwiches for lunch. Sounds just right.

  • Lunch today is lamb or veggie ragù with orzo.

    We. Are. Fancy.

  • It’s an odd week, since it’s just three days and then there’s the Thanksgiving holiday.

    But we still have to eat. :) Today it’s an autumn classic: grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  • This screenshot is from the menu for next week (which is emailed to all employees every Friday or the following Monday).

    Screenshot of menu for Thursday and Friday of the Thanksgiving holiday. Lunch and dinner are both listed as “pie.”

  • We have another email from best dog Ruby, who lives with Julie Brewer, Massage Therapist at the Omni Group.

    This makes the fourth Ruby Friday in a row. :) Here’s Ruby’s email:

    Here are some of my hobbies and interests…

    Ruby on a paddleboard on Lake Washington, with Mount Rainier in the distance.

    I like paddleboarding, and…

    Ruby on a dock, at sunset.

    Pondering on docks, before…

    Ruby in the air, leaping from a dock on Lake Washington, with Mount Rainier in the background.

    Jumping off them, and…

    Ruby swimming.


    I also like…

    Ruby sitting in front of a Books Are Magic mural.


    I’ll have one more email for you — there’s more to come!

    Sincerely, 🐾 The Ruby

    Sent from my iPad

    Thanks, Ruby!

  • Beige food day! Corn dogs and tater tots for lunch.

    “Beige” usually means bland — but today it means happiness.

  • Sunny again today, but a bit cool. What would be The Perfect Lunch for a day like today?

    Hot pastrami sandwiches!

  • Eggs. Bacon. English muffins. On a sunny day in November. Can’t beat it.

  • For lunch today, the menu says “Indian Hot Pockets.” We are intrigued! Betcha they’re good. :)

  • Pot stickers and egg rolls for lunch today. A crowd favorite and good start to the week.

  • Best dog Ruby — who lives with Julie Brewer, massage therapist at Omni — sends us more email about her adventure in Nikumaroro on the search for Amelia Earhart. (See the previous post for background.)

    Ruby writes:

    Here’s more from Nikumaroro…

    Ruby relaxing on a boat, with another boat in the distance.

    While we helped archeologists search the land, Robert Ballard and his crew searched the sea.

    Ruby looking back at the camera, smiling, with a boat in the distance.

    I liked to watch Robert Ballard’s research vessel, The Nautilus.

    Ruby and Ruby’s person Julie.

    Mostly I just like to be with my mom!

    Sent from my iPad

    Thanks, Ruby!

  • Pork or lentil sandwiches for lunch today. TGIF!

  • Greek lunch today. Hummous! Gyros! Happiness!

  • “Savory Bread Pudding,” says the lunch menu. Every single one of those words is a Good Thing.

  • Chicken/veggie strips for lunch.

    They’re just strips. Of food. It works!

  • We have another email from Ruby, the best dog, who lives with Julie Brewer, Massage Therapist at The Omni Group…

    This is Ruby again. I have been training as an Historic Human Remains Detection Canine for the past 7 years. My mom Julie and I train with and work for the Canine Forensics Foundation (K9FF.org). This past August we went with National Geographic to Nikumaroro, Kiribati (part of the Phoenix Islands) to help with the search for Amelia Earhart (Expedition Amelia now on the National Geographic Channel). Here are some pictures from the trip…

    Two dogs on the beach wearing orange jackets.

    Everyday of this trip, my friend, Berkeley, and I took a tender through this channel to Nikumaroro to work.

    Two dogs on the beach with the boat, where they’re staying, in the distance.

    In this picture, you can see the boat (the Taka) we lived on for almost 3 weeks.

    Two dogs in the woods.

    This is me and Berkeley on the island before we started to search.

    Sent from my iPad

    Thanks, Ruby!

  • Nachos! Fun way to end the week. Can’t ever go wrong with nachos.

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