• Cuban sandwiches for lunch today! Pork and black bean editions. Perfect.

    Plus it’s fabulously sunny today. We have no explanations.

  • Wednesday! Breakfast-for-lunch day! W00t!

    Menu says “Lox, Bagels, Bacon and Eggs.” Works for us!

  • Lunch today, this day after the President’s Day holiday, is chicken/veggie strips and dips.

    The dips are what makes it fun. :)

  • Meet Spark! Spark lives with Rey Worthington, OmniGraffle engineer.

    Okay, you kind of met Spark already in the double-trouble OmniCat episode with Spark and Blaze. But today Spark gets all the love.

    Spark is the master of “looking expectantly at you,” Rey writes. Wouldn’t you want Spark looking expectantly at you too? Of course you would. Because Spark is a Very Good Kitty!

    Spark peeking out from behind a laptop screen.

    Spark looking out from under a blanket.

    Spark lying in the sun.

    Spark sleeping on a blanket.

  • Lunch on this warming-up-and-melting Friday is turkey and/or cheese sandwiches. Solid end to a short week in the office.

  • We’re back in the office! It’s unseasonably cold out, and there is scattered snow and ice and slush — but getting around is mostly possible.

    And so we’re reentering the right way, with pulled pork sandwiches for lunch. Sweet!

  • Snow lunch today. Again. The smart money’s on the office being open tomorrow.

  • Omni folks are on their own for lunch again today — the office is closed.

    The good news is that the Great Melt begins! It’s raining. Finally.

  • Lunch today is… snow! That is, the office is closed and we’re all working remotely, left to fend for ourselves, Googling “how to make a sandwich.”

  • With Snowzilla upon us, and Omni folks working at home, we get scenes like this — here’s Spark using his mighty will to Make. Dinner. Happen. Now.

    Spark the cat sitting next to a laptop.

    PS Yes, we clumsily blurred-out the super sekrit code on the screen.

  • Meet Keiko! Keiko lives with Reid Callan (OmniFocus and OmniGraffle engineer) and with Scout, who was previously featured as the best dog. Twice!

    Reid writes that…

    Keiko enjoys sitting like a people, sitting in boxes, making caves beneath rugs and towels, and he tolerates cuddling with Scout.

    One day — probably soon! — vast and cool intelligences from outer space will land on our planet, and they’ll ask to meet Keiko, since even ETs know that Keiko is a Very Good Kitty.

    Keiko looking at the camera.

    Keiko in a cat tower.

    Keiko partly under a sheet.

    Keiko in a box that’s too small for a cat.

    Keiko tolerating snuggling with Scout, a Golden Retriever.

    Keiko sitting in a position where’s he’s shaped like a football with ears.

    Keiko curled up.

    Keiko sitting on a table and looking up at the camera.

  • Lunch today is banh mi sandwiches with pork or tofu. It’s our last meal before Winterfest 2019.

    Picture Hoth, only way hillier.

  • Snow’s coming tomorrow! And so today we’re dining on steak (or grilled vegetables) sandwiches for lunch.

    They won’t stop the snowpocalypse, but at least we’ll have had these sandwiches.

  • We’re back in the office today! Roads are mostly clear, though there is ice in spots. We’re bracing for another snowstorm in a couple days, possibly worse.

    But today we’re good — and, it being Wednesday, we’re getting breakfast-for-lunch: eggs, bacon, and English muffins. Yum!

  • Omni’s office is closed again today due to the snow — Omni folks are on their own for lunch again.

    This particular correspondent will make a sandwich: rosemary roll, dry salami and Monterey-Jack-style almond cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Dill pickle on the side and some salt-and-pepper potato chips.

  • The office today is closed due to snow! Which means everybody’s on their own for lunch. Good luck!

  • Meet Mito! She’s a beautiful black cat who lives with Christian Young, Support Human, who writes:

    This is Mito, our maybe 2 year old little queen who we adopted back in September. Not much is known about her before her time at the shelter other than she arrived with 4 little babies of her own! Once her kittens were old enough, they were up for adoption, and although the kittens were adopted immediately, Mito was not. While that is a mystery given how cute she is, it was blessing for us.

    Since she’s been home, she’s finally living her best kitten years with zoomies and attacking the magic red dot around the house, or demanding to be cuddled. She WILL steal your chicken and pepperoni slices if you don’t watch out. We are lucky to have such a tiny momma, and give her the spoiled life she deserves!

    We can’t resist saying “awwwww” to every one of these pictures! Loves stretching and sunlight and laps. What a Very Good Kitty Mito is!

    Mito and her kittens.

    Mito sleeping with her paw over her face.

    Mito stretching out.

    Mito relaxing on her cat tower.

    Mito looking dramatically at the camera.

    Mito sleeping.

    Mito sleeping in the sun.

    Mito sitting on a table.

  • Ham. Cheese. Sandwich. For lunch. Period.

    Update 11 am: A late-breaking change… Lunch will now be grilled cheese and tomato soup. Perfect for a rainy day like today!

  • Back in the olden days, when you were excited about something, you might say “Hot dog!” It’s true! That was a thing.

    With that in mind: lunch today is hot dogs.

    Hot dog!

  • Lunch today: stirfry with pork or tofu.

    Yup. Stir some things while frying them. Serve hot. Can’t miss!

  • We’re enthusiastic users of Slack — we love the community it supports.

    But still… an engineer, who wishes to remain nameless, was waiting for a clean build, and had a few seconds to create their own version of the Slack icon.

    We did some quick polling, and it turns out that everybody loves it! So we offer it for free.

    Alternate Slack icon that looks funny because it’s so bad.

  • Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! Taaaaaacooooooos!

  • We just published Omni Roadmap 2019, where we look back at 2018 and talk about our plans for the new year.

    We’re doing some new features — including OmniFocus for the Web — but we’re also focusing on fixing bugs, making our apps faster, and improving user interface flow.

  • Pot pie for lunch! Everyone likes pot pie. :)

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