• The menu for today just says, enigmatically, “Breakfast Sandwich.”

    But you know it’s gonna be good. 🌈

  • Chicken/veggie tenders and dips for lunch today. Good bet there will be waffle fries, too. Love waffle fries.

  • Pizza for lunch today! 🍕🍕🍕

    Not just pizza, but Detroit-style pizza.

  • Spinach salad for lunch today! Popeye day!

  • Breakfast-for-lunch day. Freeeeeench Tooooaaast! 🐿🌠

  • Chicken and veggie sandwiches for lunch today. The kitchen makes a mean sandwich — never, ever fails to be yummy.

  • Lunch today is that old classic: vegetable stir-fry with choice of chicken or tofu.

    And… yup. That’s it. Just, simply, a lunch that people like.

  • Caesar Salad day! We take this opportunity to remember our earliest apps — such as OmniWeb — that were written during Rome’s glory days. Time sure has flown!

  • Thai meat balls and veggie meat balls for lunch today. With rice noodles.

    We are so spoiled. 🐇

  • It’s corned beef hash and veggie hash for lunch today. We love a good hash function. 🦩

  • Hot dogs and tater tots Tuesday!

    Feels good to get a little alliteration in on a Tuesday, even if it’s not tacos. 🌮🌮🌮

  • Club sandwiches for lunch today. Everybody likes a club sandwich.

  • Pastrami and veggie sandwiches for lunch on this wet and windy Friday.

    The kitchen folks have our back. 🥪👑

  • Greek lunch today! There. Will. Be. Tahini. 🌈

  • Lunch will be bagels (your choice of several; optionally toasted), lox, and eggs.

    It’s a slow line — what with the toasting — but so worth it. 🐿

  • Tuesday quesadillas!

    What it lacks in alliteration it makes up in yumminess. 🐣

  • Chicken or eggplant sandwiches for lunch today. Cool.

  • Hot turkey or veggie sandwiches for lunch today!

    It’s January. It’s raining. Hot sandwiches are our only hope. 🎩

  • Pancakes and bacon day!

    Pancakes! And! Bacon! 🐣🐥

  • Corn dogs and tater tots! Beige Lunch Day!

    Beige usually means uninspiring — but not in this case. 🐥

  • On this fine Friday we have Kalbi beef short ribs/tofu rice bowls for lunch.

    Fancy! Tasty!

  • Back in the office today. Whew! Lunch is rotisserie chicken/veggies ragu.

    And… we don’t normally comment on dinner, but it’s prime rib tonight. 🎩

  • No lunch today — our office goes by the schools, and Seattle public schools are closed today.

    We’re on our own! Send biscuits!

  • It snowed again, a little — but we are undeterred, even in this city of icy hills, and we will have Cobb salad for lunch today.

  • We got a little snow, but not enough to keep us all at home. 🐥 Lunch will be grilled ham-and-cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches.

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