• Taco Tuesday? Nah: nachos!

  • Lunch today is BBQ sandwich with brisket or tempeh-veggie.

    It’s a beautiful day for barbecue sandwiches! Sunny and warm. Delightful.

  • This picture of Calvin and Hobbes was taken, writes Michelle Knee, “at the vet AFTER being checked. They stick together and comfort each other in trying times.”

    Such Very Good Kitties. The cat picture we needed today.


  • Well, this happens from time to time — late-breaking lunch menu change: chicken tenders instead of sandwiches.

    That works too! They’re all good lunches…

  • Steak or grilled vegetables sandwiches for lunch today. How is it not lunchtime already?

    Yes, we know time is an illusion, and lunchtime doubly so — but it tastes so good! Let us have this. :)

  • Club sandwiches today! We’re all in the same club, after all.

    We wouldn’t be surprised if lunch talk topics revolve around the WWDC announcement.

  • Eggs. Scrambled. It’s breakfast-for-lunch day! Everyone’s favorite. (Smart money’s on bacon being involved here too.)

  • Lunch. Burritos. ’Nuf said.

  • Cobb salad for lunch today. This is usually done as a kind of build-your-own salad.

    Here’s Wikipedia on the Cobb salad. What Wikipedia doesn’t tell you is that it’s the best salad.

  • Greek lunch today! Plus there were surprise cookies this morning. :)

  • Here’s a picture of Greg Titus, our latest interview guest on The Omni Show. He’s smiling because the host just said something impossibly witty, like “Pretend I just said something impossibly witty.”

    Greg Titus smiling in front of a microphone.

  • Let’s do Wednesday properly. With pancakes!

    As we like to say: anything can go wrong in somebody’s day, but if there’s pancakes, it’s still a good day. :)

  • Quoting directly from the menu, which is emailed to all employees once a week, because this correspondent is feeling too lazy to copy-and-paste and then change the case of the various words, but is apparently not too lazy to write this run-on sentence: “Lunch: Turkey/FieldRoast and Cranberry Sandwiches.”

    Thanksgiving in March!

  • Baked pasta for lunch. Pasta = life.

  • Meet Osa! Osa lives with Matt Crosby, who writes:

    Osa is our lovely Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees. Her interests include cuddling on the couch, eating tennis balls, pawshakes, and knocking full cups of coffee from your hand with her nose.

    Knowledgeable types worldwide have reached consensus that Osa is, in fact, the best dog.

    Osa as a puppy looking up at the camera.

    Osa looking up at the camera.

    Osa outside, covered in snow, with snow everywhere.

    Profile of Osa on a sunny day.

    Osa on a couch, looking up at the camera.

  • We welcome the arrival of March with tuna melt sandwiches.

  • Lunch today — dogs wrapped in corn, potatoes formed into tots. They call it mellow yellow. (Quite rightly.)

  • Guess what day it is? Breakfast for lunch day! Biscuit sandwiches. :)

  • Quesadillas for lunch! Betcha there’s guacamole too. :)

  • Ham sandwiches for lunch today. Hammiches. Haaaaaaaaamiches. It’s good food.

  • Meet Blaze!

    Blaze lives with Rey Worthington, OmniGraffle engineer, who writes that Blaze is “the official front-door monitor, greeter, and dumpster-diver.”

    Sharp readers will recall that Blaze is the brother of Spark, and that they were originally introduced as a double-trouble duo, a terrible twosome, the brothers of bother, last summer.

    But today’s all about Blaze. Blaze with the beautiful green eyes. Blaze the Very Good Kitty!

    Blaze lying down and looking at the camera with his green eyes.

    Blaze in a floppy cat carrier.

    Blaze standing on the floor, with two forepaws on a human’s knee.

    Blaze sitting on the floor.

    Blaze lying down in a carrying bag.

    And here’s a bonus pic of Blaze and Spark curled-up together!

    Blaze and Spark curled up together.

  • Pot stickers and eggrolls for lunch. Yum.

  • Cuban sandwiches for lunch today! Pork and black bean editions. Perfect.

    Plus it’s fabulously sunny today. We have no explanations.

  • Wednesday! Breakfast-for-lunch day! W00t!

    Menu says “Lox, Bagels, Bacon and Eggs.” Works for us!

  • Lunch today, this day after the President’s Day holiday, is chicken/veggie strips and dips.

    The dips are what makes it fun. :)

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