• The kitchen folks surprised us with Rice Krispie treats around 4 pm. It’s a good day. 👍

  • Meet Tilly the cat!

    Tilly lives with Frankie the dog and two humans, Gia Ciccone and Chris Pruitt, Web Developer at The Omni Group.

    Chris writes:

    Before you ask, Tilly was originally short for Matilda until his human mom, Gia, got the news that he was in fact a boy. Whoops! Tilly’s mom raves about how he is the most handsome, good boy. She declares his face to be the best. Dad (Chris) thinks he’s pretty cute, too, though he’s not nearly as vocal as mom.

    Tilly isn’t exactly a friend of Frankie, merely tolerating her desire for friendship & playtime. He’ll run his fastest when any kind of wrappers or bags are being opened or he hears running water. He also loves the company of people, as he regally struts around the living room & kitchen during most parties.

    Look at all that fluff and that cute pink nose! Tilly is such a Very Good Kitty!

    Tilly showing her fluffy belly

    Tilly dressed up as a bee

    Tilly as a little kitten sleeping

    Tilly chin-snuggling with human

    Tilly under a red polka-dotted blanket with her face showing

  • Caesar Salad for lunch today. The salad that ruled the Roman Empire!

  • Today’s lunch is “Grilled Cheese and Turkey/Veggie Sandwiches” — so, we’re not clear if that means grilled cheese sandwiches that include turkey, or if there’s a choice between grilled cheese and turkey.

    But we’re keen to find out, because we like all those lunch things!

  • Here’s Tim Wood, CTO of The Omni Group, during the recording of an upcoming (mid-December) episode of The Omni Show.

    Tim Wood sitting in front of a microphone

  • It’s Wednesday, so it’s (usually) breakfast-for-lunch day — and today we have bagels and lox, eggs, and Bacon.

    That’s no typo — Bacon is capitalized on purpose. Because it’s Bacon!

  • Our cool floppy disk T-shirt is back! For three weeks. Don’t miss out!

    Design from the shirt shows five floppy disks, stacked, in colors blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple

  • Burritos for lunch today! YES WE LOVE BURRITOS

    Also — we don’t normally comment on dinner, but today it’s going to be Prime Rib. So there!

  • Chicken (or veggie) sandwiches today!

  • Willow the cat lives with Derek Motonaga, Prime Minister of OmniOutliner and OmniFocus for the Web. (We call him dmo — dee-moe — for short.)

    Derek writes that Willow is…

    …named after Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She’s very sweet and a huge lap kitty but has some tortietude.

    What a beautiful and Very Good Kitty she is! We love a bit of tortietude. :)

    Checking my progress

    IMG 1024

    IMG 2235

    IMG 2238

    IMG 4002

    IMG 6412

    IMG 8313

    IMG 8846

    IMG 9147

  • BLTs for lunch today!

    Omni, wise people have noted, runs on bacon.

  • Bánh mì for lunch today!

    It bears repeating — the kitchen makes a pretty mean sandwich. And by “mean” we mean really, really delicious.

  • Scones and scrambles today! Since it’s Wednesday, it’s breakfast-for-lunch day. The smart money says there will be bacon too. :)

  • Corn dogs for lunch! Seems like a pretty good deal for today.

    Tater tots on the side make for a beautiful monochromatic meal.

    And then you add the red ketchup, and it pops.

  • Pot Stickers for lunch today! Always a crowd favorite. On account of being yummy.


    You remember Linus?

    Here in the newsroom we’ve just learned that he was found as a kitten, living under a deck — and was, according to Ainsley Bourque Olson, “originally thought to be a possum.”

    Linus lying down and looking at the camera — VERY GOOD KITTY

  • Gabriel the cat lives with Annette Fuller, Support Human, who writes:

    This is Gabriel. His litter was left in a dumpster and my college roommates and I took them all in. Gabriel likes to greet people at the door, cuddle on laps, and sleep close to my head. His most popular nickname (he has many) is Momo.

    From humble beginnings comes a Very Good Kitty!

    The Face of Gabriel, brown and black and white and pink-nosed

    Gabriel resting

    Gabriel, lit by the sun, sitting on a windowsill

    Close-up of Gabriel’s face, sunlit and blue-eyed

  • Fridays are great because there are muffins! Today’s were blueberry. (Obviously the best kind of muffin.)

    Lunch will be Tuna Melt. Solid end to the week.

  • Cubano sandwiches for lunch today!

  • Report on Savory Bread Pudding. There was meat and cheese, and there was also sausage and bacon on the side. (And vegetarian and non-dairy options, as always.)

    At any rate — plenty of savoriness!

  • Lunch today is Savory Bread Pudding — which intrigues us. What makes it savory? What’s in the pudding besides bread? We’ll have answers in a few hours. :)

    (Yes! Your what’s-for-lunch microblogger is back!)

  • Lola — with the green eyes and the white boots — lives with Mark Boszko, Video Producer at The Omni Group. Mark writes:

    Lola likes to lay in a good sunbeam, hang out if I’m watching a movie, keep me company when I’m sick, and gallop around the house at all hours of the night. She’s also very fond of tuna.

    Sounds like she’s got a case of the night sprints!

    Good kitties love a little patch of sun, and Lola sure is a Very Good Kitty!

    Lola lounging on a blanket

    The back of Lola’s head

    Lola and her beautiful green eyes

    Lola in silhouette

    Lola sleeping with a little patch of sunshine

  • Lunch today: pulled pork and veggie BBQ sandwiches!

    We love barbecue. Oh yes indeed.

  • Pancakes day!

    No matter what else happens today — good, bad, busy, whatever — at least it‘s pancakes day. The very best day there could be.

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