You’ve met Derek’s cool cats Willow and Xander — but you haven’t seen the feline duo together.

Until now. Until this glorious day.

Derek writes: “Xander loves other cats. It took him a little over a week to win over Willow when he was 4 months old.”

What Very Good Kitties they are!

Willow regards a young Xander

Xander and Willow in front of a microphone

Willow and Xander curled up together

Xander and Willow sharing a cat bed and showing off their big green eyes

Willow and Xander sharing a chair as Xander stretches a forelimb toward the camera

Xander and Willow sleeping, with Xander hugging Willow

Xander and Willow curled up in a circular cat bed, looking like a yin/yang symbol

Willow and Xander on their cat bed, but awake