Meet Blaze!

Blaze lives with Rey Worthington, OmniGraffle engineer, who writes that Blaze is “the official front-door monitor, greeter, and dumpster-diver.”

Sharp readers will recall that Blaze is the brother of Spark, and that they were originally introduced as a double-trouble duo, a terrible twosome, the brothers of bother, last summer.

But today’s all about Blaze. Blaze with the beautiful green eyes. Blaze the Very Good Kitty!

Blaze lying down and looking at the camera with his green eyes.

Blaze in a floppy cat carrier.

Blaze standing on the floor, with two forepaws on a human’s knee.

Blaze sitting on the floor.

Blaze lying down in a carrying bag.

And here’s a bonus pic of Blaze and Spark curled-up together!

Blaze and Spark curled up together.