Here’s Calvin!

He’s Hobbes’s pal, of course — Hobbes will appear in a post some other Friday — and he lives with Michelle Knee, Software Test Pilot.

Michelle writes:

Calvin’s nickname is “bumper car” as he walks around with his tail straight up like a bumper car.

Calvin and Hobbes are brothers. They are standard Ragdolls aka Floppy cats. They were born all white and developed their color at age 5. Their grandfather couldn’t tell them apart when they were babies.

With these two, we don’t wear shoes in our house because they will flop behind you and can easily be stepped on. You can rub their bellies (it’s not a trap).

So much fluff! Look at how ferociously he guards the printer, and how sweet he is on his scratchy chaise longue!

We wish we were picking him up right now — since he’s such a Very Good Kitty.

Four pictures tiled: Calvin as a white kitten and as a full-grown cat with some color

Calvin lying down on top of the printer

Calvin lying down on a curvy scratching surface