You’ve met Calvin, and you’ve met Hobbes — but now we’ve got the two of them together!

They live with Michelle Knee, Software Test Pilot, who writes this story:

When Calvin and Hobbes went in for their snip-snip surgery, the vet had them separated after surgery. As they woke up, they started calling to each other… constantly. The vet contacted me to let me know they had to put them in the same cage while they recovered because the vet couldn’t take hearing them worry over each other. As soon as they were put in the same cage, they curled up together and took a nap. A scary place is easier to deal with when your brother is next to you.

What Very Good Kitties — and friends — they are!

Calvin and Hobbes looking at a squirrel on the other side of a window

Calvin and Hobbes curled up together on a bean bag chair

Calvin and Hobbes stretched out on the floor